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Wicklow Round attempt 8th June

Donal McMorlandMay 31 2021, 11:38amHi All, I will be giving the round a go on Tuesday 8th June starting at 5am. Best of luck to everyone doing it next weekend. Hopefully the weather stays like this and the hills dry out a bit.
John J BarryMay 31 2021, 2:12pmBest of luck Donal, looking at your IMRA history, you definitely have the pedigree for it :-)
Graham K. BusheMay 31 2021, 2:44pmGood luck Donal. I hope all goes well for you.
Stephen BrennanMay 31 2021, 3:07pmAll the best Donal.
Michael DowlingMay 31 2021, 7:54pmThe very best of luck Donal
Thomas RocheMay 31 2021, 9:11pmAll the best Donal
Robert CostelloJun 1 2021, 8:15amGood luck.
Peter BellJun 1 2021, 8:27amBest of luck Donal
Linda O'ConnorJun 2 2021, 8:31amBest of luck Donal, hope it goes well for you.
Donal McMorlandJun 3 2021, 10:11amCheers for the best wishes all!
Lillian DeeganJun 4 2021, 8:49amGreat seeing your name pop up here Donal - good luck.
Richard NunanJun 7 2021, 12:54amHi Donal,

Can you confirm this attempt still going ahead ? No one has been in touch in terms of a tracker.


Donal McMorlandJun 7 2021, 9:29amRichard, Yes still going ahead. 5am tomorrow. I have tracker sorted, thanks. I sent an email a couple of weeks ago as wasn't sure about procedure for getting tracker. I contacted Primal Tracking direct and have it here.
Richard NunanJun 7 2021, 10:05amGreat stuff. Thanks Donal. 1 less for me to worry about so

Best of luck out there. The ground is starting to get bouncy

Donal McMorlandJun 7 2021, 3:12pmCheers Richard and Lillian. Bouncy sounds good to me!
Ciarán RyanJun 7 2021, 11:05pmBest of luck Final
Ciarán RyanJun 7 2021, 11:06pmBest of local Donal
Robert CostelloJun 7 2021, 11:41pmGood luck to a fellow Louth man!
Thomas RocheJun 8 2021, 8:07amGood luck Donal
Richard NunanJun 8 2021, 1:59pmBit of a fog and mist down today, making Nav difficult for Donal's attempt.

Having missed Carrawaystick on way to Glenmalure, he has decided to pull the plug and I am sure he will return shortly.

He was flying. So really hope he comes back soon for another go
Donal McMorlandJun 8 2021, 7:30pmCheers Richard. Needless to say that didn't go to plan. Massive thanks to Shane Lynch for supporting me today. Poor visibility alright, fog only lifted on Duff Hill and Oakwood but poor visibility otherwise. Was chasing a time today and was taking a few risks with navigation which didn't pay off. Ground conditions were near perfect and weather was grand except for the fog. On the plus side I got to run almost 60km in the Wicklow hills on a Tuesday (plus a few new bits!) and then had pizza, beers and banter in the car on the way home with Shane. Cant complain too much. I thought the round would be out of my system by this evening but looks like I have unfinished business!!