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Wicklow Round Attempt

Michael DowlingMay 27 2021, 1:27pmHi all, JP Byrne and myself are teaming up to take on the round this bank holiday Saturday the 6th of June at 1am. Hopefully the work is done and it will all fall into place. Best wishes to all the others we have met out there on their own recce...
It's great to be out!
Peter BellMay 27 2021, 2:07pmBest of luck to you lads. Youll fly it.
Stephen BrennanMay 27 2021, 2:10pmAll the best lads. Won't be long now!
Jp ByrneMay 27 2021, 2:34pmSaturday da 5th 1am looking forward to da challenge hopefully all goes well and very best of luck to all taken on da challenge.
Thomas RocheMay 27 2021, 3:56pmBest of luck lads,
Mikey FryMay 27 2021, 4:29pmHope you don’t find Peter bell asleep in the bracken:))
Nigel McCabeMay 28 2021, 9:58pmBest of luck bother to youse.
Linda O'ConnorJun 2 2021, 8:29amBest of luck guys, hope it all goes well.
Donal McMorlandJun 3 2021, 10:13amBest of luck Michael!
Michael DowlingJun 3 2021, 9:13pmThanks to everyone for the well wishes, we are going this Sunday at 1am. Looking forward to it! Best of luck to everyone going this weekend...
Brendan LawlorJun 3 2021, 9:31pmBest of luck Michael and JP! You’ll be able to get a takeaway pint as you pass the Lodge !
Lillian DeeganJun 4 2021, 8:48amAll the best lads.
Robert CostelloJun 6 2021, 9:56pmWell done lads. Congrats on the 20:43 finish. Ye were going so well ye went up Cornavalla too!
Peter BellJun 6 2021, 9:59pmWell done lads, great round! It was good to see you lads over the weekend. Enjoy the recovery.
Lillian DeeganJun 6 2021, 10:46pmFair dues guys. Ye zipped about pretty nifty. A nice fancy nancy of Lug to the crossroads this morn - tidy! Here’s hoping ye don’t haft to take the stairs in yer place for a day or so. Recover well.
Brian KitsonJun 6 2021, 11:00pmThere won’t be a line cleaned in Glenmalure tonight.
John MollohanJun 7 2021, 10:38amCongratulations Michael and JP. Mission complete! Well done. Enjoy your rest