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Round and round the garden

Peter BellMay 27 2021, 12:30pmHi all, im going to make an attempt at the round on Sat june 5th around 2-3pm only if its sunny all day with clear skies and the wind is on my back the whole way. I will probably be crawling the last bit so my target is 48hrs but ill give 24 a go until i blow up.
Best of luck to all the others making the attempt and enjoy the journey!
Robert CostelloMay 27 2021, 12:43pmLooking forward to crewing for this one. Watching our talented short race specialist deflower at the ultra distance will make for an entertaining day on the hills! Good luck Peter. I'm expecting a quick one.
Michael DowlingMay 27 2021, 1:12pmBest of luck Peter, had the pleasure of meeting you out there once or twice so we are all behind you...
Dave DochertyMay 27 2021, 2:39pmBest of luck!!
Stephen BrennanMay 27 2021, 2:48pmGreat stuff, brilliant. Gonna be a busy weekend. Best of luck.
Thomas RocheMay 27 2021, 3:55pmGood luck Peter, hopefully all goes well
Richard MoriartyMay 27 2021, 4:56pmGood luck on Round Peter..may the weather gods be with you!
John CostiganMay 27 2021, 6:46pmBest of luck Peter!
James H CahillMay 27 2021, 8:21pmBest of luck Peter. Have a great run
Brían O'MearaMay 27 2021, 8:48pmBest of luck with it Peter!
Jp ByrneMay 27 2021, 10:16pmBest of luck Peter hopefully all goes well for u
, and u smash it. Enjoy
Laura FlynnMay 29 2021, 1:22pmBest of luck with it Peter.
Christopher DunneMay 29 2021, 11:58pmBest of luck Peter.
Ross FitzgeraldMay 30 2021, 11:04amBest of luck Peter, you're not asking for much so I'm sure the weather gods will oblige :)
Linda O'ConnorJun 2 2021, 8:25amVery best of luck Peter, hope it all goes well for you.
Donal McMorlandJun 3 2021, 10:16amBest of luck this weekend Peter!
Peter BellJun 3 2021, 11:18amThanks everyone, looking forward to it now. Weather's looking good. Just gotta figure out why the red arrow on my compass keeps moving and were good to go.
Starting at 3.15pm Sat, with the wind on my back and the sun in the sky.
Jeff SwordsJun 3 2021, 2:08pmHave a great run Peter, best of luck.
Conor KeaneJun 3 2021, 2:29pmBest of luck Peter hope to see you out there, we appreciate the head start, will need it and then some!
Angela FlynnJun 4 2021, 7:12amBest of luck Peter...
Peter BellJun 4 2021, 8:02amThanks guys, Conor i will see you lads at the start line on d day. Best of luck.
Brian FureyJun 4 2021, 8:28amBest of luck bother to you
Lillian DeeganJun 4 2021, 8:47amEvery best wish P. You'll smash it. Kippure and beyond will be buzzing this weekend. Good luck!
Robert CostelloJun 4 2021, 8:47amSuns out guns out.
Conor O'FarrellJun 5 2021, 9:20amGood luck Peter.
Alice ClancyJun 5 2021, 1:30pmBest of luck Peter! Hope the wind and some quality heckling en route keep you going the whole way round!
Andrew HanneyJun 5 2021, 3:01pmAll the best buddy!
Robert CostelloJun 6 2021, 1:49pm19:53:36. Not to shabby
Graham K. BusheJun 6 2021, 1:56pmSmashed it Peter. Great work, well done.
Richard NunanJun 6 2021, 3:01pmGreat job Peter, congrats. !
Angela FlynnJun 6 2021, 3:43pmoh wow -well done Peter- no pressure there JB!
Rachel CinnsealachJun 6 2021, 4:20pmWell done Peter, Great job.
Brian KitsonJun 6 2021, 4:34pmEnjoy a few lemonades tonight and stand back and look at what you’ve achieved. Well played.
Alan AylingJun 6 2021, 4:38pmSavage stuff Peter, great time, well done man.

Footage from the start line clearly shows you employed Sophie as a pacer. There will have to be a stewards' enquiry :-(
John MollohanJun 6 2021, 5:24pmCongratulations Peter. Steady and solid all the way. Enjoy the rest!
Peter BellJun 6 2021, 5:45pmHa ha Alan, that was my secret weapon. You wherent meant to see that.
Peter BellJun 6 2021, 5:47pmThanks all, got so lucky with the conditions and had a brilland crew and support behind me. Made all the difference. Enjoying the recovery now.
Miriam MaherJun 6 2021, 6:09pmFantastic stuff Peter - enjoy the well earned celebrations.
Laura FlynnJun 6 2021, 6:42pmDelighted for you Peter.
Enjoy the celebrations.
Niamh O'CeallaighJun 6 2021, 8:49pmBrilliant run Peter. Well done!
Dave DochertyJun 6 2021, 9:27pmCongrats Peter!! Savage Stuff.
Lillian DeeganJun 6 2021, 10:42pmMassive kudos P. Hope your not in a hoop come morning time. Must be a grand aul feeling to have gone above 50k :) Recover well young man!
Conor KeaneJun 7 2021, 6:35amPeter was great to have you and your crew on the mountain, was huge for us.
All burn no crash!