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Wicklow Round Attempt

Conor KeaneMay 27 2021, 10:38amRichard Cooper, Charles Burgess and I will be attempting the Wicklow Round next weekend. We will confirm exact start time closer to the weekend.

Best of luck to all those attempting it, its inspiring to see so many giving it a go! Go n-éirí an bóthar libh. 
Stephen BrennanMay 28 2021, 8:03amAll the best!
Conor KeaneMay 28 2021, 11:35amThanks Stephen and likewise! All going we will be have just returned to see you off!
Peter BellMay 28 2021, 4:34pmBest of luck to you lads, enjoy it!
Graham K. BusheMay 31 2021, 9:42amBEst of luck, I hope all goes well for ye.
Conor KeaneMay 31 2021, 10:38amThanks Peter and Graham, best of luck to the both of ye!
Thomas RocheMay 31 2021, 9:12pmAll the best lads
Robert CostelloJun 1 2021, 8:14amEnjoy it lads.
Linda O'ConnorJun 2 2021, 8:26amVery best of luck lads, hope it all goes well.
Conor KeaneJun 3 2021, 9:45amThanks guys, best of luck to yourselves. We will be starting at 14:30 on Saturday.
Lillian DeeganJun 4 2021, 8:50amHoping the Wicklow hills are kind to you guys. Good luck.
Richard NunanJun 6 2021, 2:54pmWell done lads - 3 men and their Dad on the Round - i wasnt sure who was going to have the toughest Job! Sounds like it was Charles who had to pull out at Djouce !

Congrats to Conor Keane and Richard Cooper - on completing the round - provisionally in 22:24:52 !

Great to hear the stories and the praise for everyone who supported them before they drove back to Munster :-)
Thomas RocheJun 6 2021, 3:17pmWell done lads
Graham K. BusheJun 6 2021, 4:35pmWell done!
John MollohanJun 6 2021, 5:29pmWell done lads. Extra marks for doing one of the peaks twice... show offs!!
Peter BellJun 6 2021, 5:41pmWell done to you all lads, it was great sharing the mountains through it all. Enjoy the recovery!
Robert CostelloJun 6 2021, 5:45pmWell done lads. Great to see ye out there.