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Giving the Round a Go

Aoife HenryMay 16 2021, 6:32pmHi friends,
I'm excited to give the Round a whirl on June 6th with my ever-supportive brother Patrick as my crew.
Really looking forward to enjoying/suffering some home peaks after living abroad for a few years. The support and enthusiasm I've received from once-strangers in planning this has reminded me why I keep coming home to this country!
Best of luck to everyone giving the Round a crack this Summer!
x Aoife
Laura FlynnMay 16 2021, 7:05pmBest of luck Aoife. Great to see another woman give a go.
Paddy O'LearyMay 16 2021, 7:08pmGreat stuff, Aoife. Best of luck out there.
Graham K. BusheMay 16 2021, 7:42pmBest of luck Aoife. I hope all goes well.
Niamh KellyMay 16 2021, 8:30pmBrilliant, best of luck Aoife
Brian KitsonMay 16 2021, 9:10pmSuper news. Best of luck. Look forward to following.
Thomas RocheMay 16 2021, 10:29pmGood luck Aoife! I hope all goes well on the day
Miriam MaherMay 16 2021, 10:43pmThe very best of luck to you Aoife! Great to see a woman taking on the round.
John CostiganMay 17 2021, 5:41amBest of luck Aoife!
Alice ClancyMay 17 2021, 8:04amGood stuff Aoife!! Best of luck!!
Avril ChallonerMay 17 2021, 8:39amBest of luck Aoife! Hope the bank holiday weather behaves for you!
Karina JoninaMay 17 2021, 9:36amFantastic! Best of luck Aoife! Wish you blue skies and hard ground!!
Stephen BrennanMay 17 2021, 11:10amThe best of luck Aoife.
daniela lubiscakovaMay 17 2021, 2:31pmWoohoo! Wishing you best of Luck Aoife!
Sarah BradyMay 18 2021, 9:29amYay that's great! Best of luck, Aoife!
Brendan LawlorMay 18 2021, 3:28pmBest of luck Aoife
Michael DowlingMay 19 2021, 2:54pmBest of luck Aoife, I will keep an eye out for you
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 19 2021, 10:25pmBest of luck with it.
Jp ByrneMay 20 2021, 9:55amDa very best off luck aoife.
Peter BellMay 20 2021, 8:16pmGood luck Aoife!
Niamh O'CeallaighMay 26 2021, 1:18pmVery best of luck Aoife. Hope you have every success at it.
Aoife HenryJun 1 2021, 9:38amThank you everyone for all the support! I'm sorry to let ye down, but I've decided that nabbing the Irish Munros FKT (+ supported and self-propelled, so cycling between peaks) is my priority this summer, so I've reshuffled my planned shananigans to tackle that this weekend instead. I still hope to do the Round at some point, but I want to do it justice, and my training has prepared me better for the Munros than the Round at this point in time. I really appreciate all the advice and support - looking forward to seeing some of you out there in the future and to following this year's attempts!
Linda O'ConnorJun 2 2021, 8:29amBest of luck with that adventure Aoife, sounds epic :)
Peter O'FarrellJun 3 2021, 9:41amThe very best of luck Aoife. If I am reading your message correctly you are on for an amazing voyage - and may or may not require 120 figrolls if following Robbie Bryson's route.

Is there a tracker or a social media page where I can follow your progress?
Conor KeaneJun 3 2021, 9:44amThat sounds unreal, enjoy!
Lillian DeeganJun 4 2021, 9:00amGood woman Aoife - that sounds like an epic challenge. Every best wish with your FKT. Would love to see you back for the WR whirl at some stage too. Best of luck for the immediate. #GoTheGirls
Laura FlynnJun 5 2021, 9:36amBest of luck with that brave endeavour Aoife. Would love to track it...can we find you anywhere?