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Wicklow Round 2021

Richard NunanMay 14 2021, 6:18pmHi Folks,

Great to see a couple of interested parties planning to head out on the Wicklow Round over the coming weeks. Its going to be a great season for the round. Fingers crossed for everyone that we will start to see some dryer weather in the coming days.

Please note we have updated the coordinates on the Wicklow Round page. These are not changes as such but a tweak to the coordinates will provide greater clarity on what are the peaks. (thanks Paul)

These changes are for Carrigvore, Oakwood Carrawaystick and Tonduff North.

These will be also updated on the trackers. Please email me direct if you have any queries in relation to the round.

Best of luck with the Recce's the weekend.
Richard NunanMay 20 2021, 8:59amHi Folks,

One slight modification 066 902 is the correct coordinate for Carrawaystick - NOT 068 902

Page has been updated - hope the weather improves before the attempts start on the 27th !


Richard NunanMay 27 2021, 11:49amHi Folks,

Link here to follow all the Wicklow Round Attempts over the next 2 weeks.

This includes anyone that has contacted me for a Tracker at this point. You will still need to post your attempt.

Rowan of Primal Tracking has prepared this in advance so that we can get people out and running at short notice.

Best of luck to Jim and Brian who get the Wicklow Round season kicked off tomorrow morning at 2:00am
Eoin KeithMay 27 2021, 10:19pmThere are so many attempts coming up it's getting hard to keep track of them all. Best of luck to every single person giving it a go. Have fun out there, and keep that dot moving along to the next circle.
Paddy O'LearyMay 28 2021, 4:23amYeowwww, a fun few days of dot-watching ahead! Good luck to all!
Richard NunanJun 4 2021, 3:08pmAnother few hardy souls have confirmed this weekends attempts - 4 in total on the weekend -
To start, Richard Cooper, Charles Burgess, Conor Keane 05/06/2021 14:30
Followed closely by Peter Bell at 15:15
that night Michael Dowling and JP Byrne at 01:00
Then Stephen Brennan at 13:00 on a Sunday afternoon !

Trackers ready and thanks again to Rowan McMahon and JonJo for providing from Primal Tracking !
Thomas RocheJun 4 2021, 3:46pmGreat weekend of dot watching. Best of luck to all. I hope the weather behaves
Richard NunanJun 5 2021, 7:18pmHi Folks,

Link here to follow all the Wicklow Round Attempts over the next 2 weeks.


Richard NunanJun 17 2021, 10:10pmTomorrow night we have what looks like a waved start to a Wicklow Round race -

We have 4 attempts starting at

-- 2:00am (Brendan and David)
-- 2:15am Graham Bushe
-- 2:30am Ciaran Croke
-- 4:00am Brian Furey decided to have an aul lie-in.

Nice of them all to move them all to the same night so will have a great Finish on Saturday night !

Happy dot watching as after this weekend it will be slow going for any other attempts ! What a Round Season it has been !
Linda O'ConnorJun 17 2021, 11:10pmVery best of luck to you all!