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Strava Segment Chasing

Peter O'FarrellMar 23 2021, 1:50pmThe idea here is to post a Strava segment and give it your best shot. Obviously you will have to be on Strava and your run will have to be public. Strava will record your segment time.

Basic rules - 2 week window to do it, do it as many times as you like, post your best time.

The 5km restriction is currently tricky so the more segments the merrier. Feel free to post your local segment and maybe you'll discover loads of folk live close by.

I'll start off with one to favour the climbers, perhaps.

Tibradden to Fairy Castle
Peter O'FarrellMar 23 2021, 1:52pmAnd as a brucie bonus here's another one to favour the descenders, perhaps.

Tibradden Summit to Ticknock Carpark
Warren SwordsMar 23 2021, 5:49pmGreat idea.

That Kinski segment looks great Peter. Posting correct link:

If anyone fancies taking on my favourite Strava segment, the mighty Poolbeg lighthouse out and back.

Dublin's answer to Paris Roubaix, 3.84km of cobblestones. (It's pretty good training for the ankles too)
Turlough ConwayMar 23 2021, 6:00pmI might have a go at that Warren. I will wait till after my pogo runners arrive from Nike though.
Graham K. BusheMar 25 2021, 11:15amHi everyone,
for those a little further south along the coast, I got up early this morning to create this segment.

Starting from The Glen of the Downs barrier (near Barry's Bridge) to the top of Kindlestown (beside the Mast) 4.4km & 156m, with 145m of that climb in the first 2km.

Enjoy! ; )
Paddy O'LearyApr 6 2021, 4:08amI was very sad to lose that one, Warren. Held onto it a lot longer than the Wicklow Round at least.
Robert CostelloApr 7 2021, 1:17amThe GOTD Vertical Burn
Eamonn HodgeApr 20 2021, 4:44pmBit late for the 2 week rule but this is a nice one. Vico road all the way up.