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Conor CoffeyMar 22 2021, 12:33pmDoes anyone on here know of a ridge line route across the top of the comeragh mountains Waterford? Any information would be greatly appreciated
Andrew HowardMar 22 2021, 1:15pmHi Conor,

The Comeraghs don't have one particular 'ridge' that you can follow all the way across. The top is a big boggy plateau with various trails and routes coming down off the plateau, some along ridges. In terms of ridges, the south ridge of Coumsinghauin is the jewel in the crown in my opinion, and you could combine this with the Knockanaffrin ridge on the Nire Valley side. For example, you could start in Kilclooney Woods, run up the south ridge side of Coumshingaun, up to very top over looking the lake, and then progress north-west over the plateau towards 'The Gap', from where you could run up to Knockanaffrin past Lough Mohro and all the way to Knocksheegowna and down to the boreen at the base, where you could finish. I hiked a very similar route (albeit using the north side of Coumshingaun) years ago here ( which will help you get a feel for it. It will be a nice run!

Dungarvan Hill Walking Club have two long distance options mapped out for a Comeragh Crossing too which are worth considering also.

35km Route -

45km Route -
Conor CoffeyMar 22 2021, 1:56pmThanks Andrew much appreciated I’ll try and do some of those routes when this lockdown allows
Jason DowlingMar 22 2021, 2:01pmThanks for posting them routes Andrew and for the notes. Them two routes look like they would make great races. Hopefully it won't be long before we can travel around again to try out routes like this.
Andrew CoghlanMar 24 2021, 11:33amI agree with Andrew on this one. There's no clear path, certainly from Destin up to Coumshingaun. But it's best to stick to the mountain edges, the centre is very boggy with loads of cutaways. From Coumshingaun north to The Gap you can follow the old fence line easily, from the Gap it's easy to follow a trail to Knockanaffron. If you zoom in on google you'll actually get quite a good sense of things. In any case, the Comeraghs are a hidden gem and make a great adventure day out.
Andrew CoghlanMar 24 2021, 11:36am*that should read Seefin not Destin. bloody autocorrect!!!
Andrew HowardMar 24 2021, 2:42pmConor, you've got my juices flowing with this Comeragh Crossing. Ive plotted a marathon route from Clonmel to Dungarvan, which takes in the highest point on the Comeraghs (Fauscoum) as well as the view over Coumshinghaun lake. It also includes Long Hill, Laughtnafrankee and Seefin which are the routes of shorter IMRA races themselves. The route starts on the Ballymacarbry side of Clonmel,and finishes at Garveys Filling Station (great deli) on the Waterford road out of Dungarvan.

Link here.

If you were looking for a shorter route, when you get to the cliffs over Coumshinghaun you could simply straight head down to Kilclooney Woods on the south ridge of Coumshungaun to make it around 27-28km.

Another alternative is to skip the Clonmel side of the Comeraghs, and start on the east side of Powers the Port, at the base of Knocksheegowna, there are places to park there, and tracks to follow to Lough Mohro/Knockanaffrin.

Plenty of options for whatever distance you want to do.
John J BarryApr 9 2021, 1:36pmAs mentioned above, it important to avoid the middle of the plateau. Stays to the edge, one can get a great long run.

This is a brilliant circular route from the Mauna Road...

NOTE: Some of the best parts of the Comeraghs are down low looking up the cliffs.

this route could be made linear from Coumshinghaun or Knockanaffrin ridge (which would then begin to look like the Comeragh Challenge.)

Another Option:
WTR Comeragh Crossing 2016 Details

If anybody fancy coming down, put it up on the Waterford page, I'm sure you might get some company for your adventure..