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History of dry lake Djouce woods

Angela FlynnFeb 2 2021, 5:26pm

My neighbour wrote this,
Stuart ScottFeb 2 2021, 5:36pmThanks Angela, very interesting!
Tiarnan JohnstonFeb 2 2021, 6:06pmAlways wondered what it was. Thanks for sharing Angela
Brendan LawlorFeb 3 2021, 11:35amThanks Angela.. Pride and Prejudice, Brigerton and the Irish RM all rolled into that story. I had always wondered about why that lake disappeared
Graham K. BusheFeb 3 2021, 1:09pmI can still remember. A few years ago, (well OK, perhaps a bit more than that) I was hiking with the local Cub Scouts. To be honest I had no idea where we were, I only knew that we had been walking for ages through forests. As we walked along, I could hear a buzzing sound getting louder. Then, as we rounded a corner, we saw two small objects zipping around on this lake. As we got closer, we saw two lads with remote control units. They were racing small speed boats up and down the water, which looked super cool. I had only ever seen RC cars before.
In ’86 I was visiting my sister, who was living in England at the time. I was getting ready to make my way home (the old slow-boat from Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire) when we heard about Hurricane Charlie. Then to our amazement we saw Bray on the News. People going down a street in a row boat! And I wondered how I would get home. At least home was up in the hills, away from the floods. My uncle was not so fortunate, living on Fairgreen Terrace, the water came 4 or 5 steps up his stairs.
Rory LeadbetterFeb 26 2021, 8:22pmGreat Read! Will pass it along!
Douglas BarryFeb 28 2021, 1:55am
This is an old photo of the Paddock Lake taken in 1982 well before it was wiped out by its dam breaking during Hurricane Charlie on the 25th August 1986. After every hill race there, we'd swim in the lake.
Dean NooneyFeb 28 2021, 9:50amLovely picture