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New Mountain Running Book - A Quarter Glass of Milk

Moire O'SullivanJan 26 2021, 12:39pmAfter the sudden death of my husband two years ago, I turned to the mountains and its community for solace. Wanting to help others who may have suffered from an unexpected loss, I decided to write a book about what helped me most during that first year.

“A Quarter Glass of Milk: The rawness of grief and the power of the mountains” details how, when Pete took his own life, I was left with a stark choice: to weep forever over the glass of milk that had just spilt or to get on with the quarter that was still remaining.

It may be of interest to mountain runners in particular as, to mark the first anniversary of Pete’s death, I decided to do a winter Denis Rankin Round in the Mourne Mountains in his memory.

Available for pre-order from Easons, Waterstones, Amazon and from O’Brien Press itself:

And please, if you find the read worthwhile, it would be most appreciated if you spread the word. Many thanks.
Laura FlynnJan 26 2021, 1:30pmIt sounds like it will a great read Moira and a wonderful tribute to Pete. Mud Sweat and Tears was an excellent book and I've no doubt this will be as good if not better. I hope you got some comfort and solace from the journey and I wish you all your family all the very best.
Brendan LawlorJan 26 2021, 1:37pmWow.. Chapter 1 is very powerful. Well done Moire for writing this book, I'm sure it will provide help and solace to other people who face similar challenges, setbacks or bereavements. You are a very brave and inspirational woman
Brian BuckleyJan 28 2021, 3:14pmFair play Moire, it must have been a very difficult book to write. I've ordered my copy from Easons. I'm looking forward to reading it.
Miriam MaherJan 28 2021, 4:21pmMy copy ordered too. I hope writing it was cathartic for you. You haven't shied away from a very difficult topic. Huge respect for you.

Justin O'KeeffeFeb 2 2021, 9:02pmWow, what a read Moire, absolutely raw. Thank you
Ordered from Easons & cannot wait to read. Take care
John CondonFeb 26 2021, 11:27amMy copy arrived today. Much love to ye Moire
Moire O'SullivanMar 1 2021, 6:45amToday a Quarter Glass of Milk is released for all to read.

I would like to profoundly thank all those who have been in contact over the last few weeks with their supportive and kind words. Your encouragement truly means a lot, after putting down such a difficult personal story on paper.

If you do pick up a copy and feel that the book is worthwhile, it would be most appreciated if you spread the word – a review, a social media post, or just telling a friend – it all makes such a difference. Thanks.
Mary CollinsMar 4 2021, 6:01pmOrdered a copy today Moira and will spread the word. No doubt difficult and courageous to undertake. I am quite sure the content will be inspiring and helpful to many.Thank you.
John BellMar 14 2021, 9:43amHere's an article that gives a bit of an intro to Moire's book
Moire O'SullivanMar 18 2021, 8:51amIf anyone would like a bit of background to the book, I recently spoke with Eoin from Trail Running Ireland podcast:

Or if you'd like to watch, I had a good chat with ultra-runners Jen and Marcus Scotney over on Youtube:
Miriam MaherMar 25 2021, 3:34pmMoire,

I deliberately saved your book for now as I've taken a few days off work.

Started reading it mid morning. Have just finished.

Wonderful, brave and moving account of how you coped.

Worth the wait. Very inspirational.

Many thanks

Trish CampionMar 25 2021, 8:28pmMoire, I have just ordered your first book, so will def order your new book. So inspirational, brave, gutsy, so wishing the very best of luck with this book.
Alice ClancyMar 26 2021, 9:11amHi Moire, thanks for writing this have been so generous in sharing your insights and experience of such a difficult time. The book is both profoundly moving and educational.....and beautifully written too.
Linda O'ConnorMar 29 2021, 12:58pmAn incredible book Moire, undoubtedly it will help many people and hopefully it has helped you and your family. You are an inspiration to us all.
Brian KitsonApr 8 2021, 3:46pmI thought Moire’s book was great and wrote a review of it on Goodreads. Link below for those interested in reading it.
Laura FlynnApr 18 2021, 4:12pmI’ve just finished this book and can highly recommend it. It’s a very moving, honest and well-written story and If you’ve never tackled a round it will leave you wanting to give it a try. Best wishes to you Moire and your two beautiful boys.
Aidan RoeApr 28 2021, 6:00pmA very moving book Moira, and a lovely tribute to your late husband. I think you’re very brave putting pen to paper so soon after your loss. Inspirational reading.

Never ceases to amaze me they way people turn to the mountains to find peace.

Wishing you and your boys the very best in the future.