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seven sister 2021

John MannionDec 6 2020, 7:19pmOk looking at the big dog for a noobie!
done 15 marathons
1 clare burren(loved it).

bucketlist item for me was the 7 sisters full.

anyone advise a noobie on
1/ what level of rating required.
2/ events to earmark leading up to it?

Aubrey O'NeillDec 18 2020, 11:00pmDoing the shorter distance myslef John. Will be lucky to have many events before then I feel but fingers crossed!
Andrew SchornDec 21 2020, 8:58pmHi John,
Also doing the Seven Sisters 50km.
Have started to give some thought to some build up races. Hopefully of some use to you.
Early March: Gaelforce Mountain Run, Co Galway 22km
Mid March: Maurice Mullins Ultra, Co Wicklow 50km
Mid May: Coast to Coast Mountain Race, Co Down 32km
Mid June: Mourne Way Marathon, Co Down 42+

If you have any other ones in mind, please let me know.
Andrew CoghlanDec 29 2020, 7:57pmJohn, this is a totally different race to any marathon. It’s not just a marathon plus ~10k. What you really need is time up the mountains. Lots of steep uphill hiking, practice your bog running, and your downhill running. Go out on a Saturday, do 3-4 hours. Then do it again on a Sunday. And you’ve got to practice your nutrition. A few gells won’t cut it. There’s thousands of articles out there on training for your first ultra, they will help you loads. This is a 10-13 hour event for most people. Don’t take it lightly. If you can do some of those races outlined above, by all means go for it. Galeforce is great as it gives you a sense of some of the terrain type you’ll be encountering. But by then you should have had hours up the hills anyway. Best of luck with it.
McNamara GlennJan 4 2021, 11:34amHi,

Anyone know where I can sign up for the Maurice Mullins Ultra in March?

Jason DowlingJan 4 2021, 12:13pmHi Glenn,

From Richard's post in a separate thread yesterday:

** Start Post **

With the way the pandemic is evolving, we are going to take a more pragmatic approach. It has been agreed by the Committee not to look at opening membership or publishing a Calendar until we have information available that tells us that we can race.

We hope the wait wont be too long. But we are hopeful that we can return to racing in the coming months.

** End Post **

Hope that helps,
Richard NunanJan 4 2021, 12:16pmHi Glen,

No confirmed date for Maurice Mullins yet this year. We have a few weeks before we will have Government guidance on when we can race again, at that point we will provide the 2021 race calendar