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Gear advice for long wet runs

Graham ChampNov 19 2020, 10:24amHi all,
I am looking for some advice on what to wear for long wet runs.
Currently I wear a Merino long sleeve thermal & inov8 softshell rain jacket.
I love to run in the rain but any wet run over 1 hour & I start to get cold. I am wet inside my rain jacket (mix of sweat & possibly rain) & I start getting cold fast. After 2 hours I am freezing.

I don't know the rating of my inov8 jacket but it cost over €120 a few years ago & I thought it was good at the time.

Any advice on what layers / gear to wear would be appreciated. I don't want to spend a fortune on a new jacket but if I knew it was the solution I would seriously consider it.

Thanks all.
Andrew MendelsonNov 19 2020, 11:01amDifficult to know without knowing the full jacket specs, but perhaps the answer is as simple as carrying a midlayer (in a dry bag) rather than look to upgrade your jacket. This gives you much more flexibility than looking for a rain jacket that can do everything (which probably doesn't exist anyway).
Avril ChallonerNov 19 2020, 5:56pmHave you tried reproofing the jacket? It its a few years old it may help it and let you stay warm out in the rain for longer.
Graham ChampNov 20 2020, 3:24pmThanks folks for the replys,
For some reason I didn't think of the waerproofing wash :( Will give that a try 1st.
Unfortunately I don't have the waterproof details of the jacket as they have worn off the label already. I'm fairly sure it was 10,000 waterproof & 10,000 breathability.