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Darragh WileyOct 28 2020, 10:20pmLooking for a recommendation for a good
head torch. One that would for night training
and good enough for Ballyhoura moonlight marathon
Thanks a million
JOHNNY SEXTONOct 28 2020, 10:42pmSealey have a great one for sale
Give me a shout Darragh as I sell them at good prices
Johnny sexton
Bavarian Auto Techik
068. 32404
Oisín O BriainOct 29 2020, 12:50amDarragh, I have a Petzl Reactik +, my first running head torch, which I found very good but the end of last year I got the Silva Trail Runner Ultra 4 after reading some reviews and I find it super in every way. I debuted it on Ballyhoura Moonlight Marathon. The light itself is really small and normally I run with the extension cord so the battery is stored in my Salomon vest meaning you would hardly notice the weight of the light on your head. Great output from the light so much so that on night runs with others I always get the comment, 'that's some light, what make is it?'. Silva just released an updated version of the Ultra 4 called the Trail Runner Free Ultra -

Happy shopping!
Sarah BradyOct 29 2020, 2:38pmFenix head torches are great and lightweight and not that expensive! Mine lasted me through Art O'Neill, nearly seven hours, inc about four at full power. The full power is only really needed for black open mountain and it's like having car headlights on your head. :)
Seán PeytonOct 29 2020, 2:59pmHi Darragh, for the Ballyhoura Moonlight half training and race earlier this year I bought a LEDLenser NEO10R which is absurdly bright and the battery lasts a long time. It's very good for visibility and the only thing I'd say is you have to adjust it right to ensure the battery at the back of your head is comfortable. I use it daily now in the Winter and am very impressed.
Robert CostelloOct 30 2020, 10:47amBought this for Wicklow Round reccies. They are new to the market but excellent so far:
The USB charger means you can plug it into a battery pack for over 8 hours of light!