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Pól Ó MurchúSep 22 2020, 1:30amPosting a brief holding message regarding refunds and to update on the process as I understand some people are waiting quite a while and or that I apologise. We have received a significant number of requests for refunds over the past few weeks and months.

The only method currently available to us is to process these one by one on our payment platform. As you can imagine this is quite a time consuming process and I continue to work through these albeit at a very slow pace. Unfortunately the system we use was never designed to process refunds other than occasional exceptions and I am working with the bank, merchant services provider and our IT team (i.e. Jason) to try and find an easier solution to processing these or some alternative way to manage these.

The initial process of getting someone to email requesting a refund was fine for a handful of refunds but when faced with the growing numbers and the escalation from last weekend and the coming weekends events even trying to figure out what event people looking for a refund for is not always clear so we must find a better way to capture this information.

Please bear with us as we work through this to try and find a solution for this. I hope to reach out to those who have requested a refund in the coming days to gather some more information that will enable us to process these in a more efficient way
liam lynchNov 25 2020, 2:42pmHi,
Any news on entry refunds? I entered Nagles contact since.
Many Thanks and All The Compliments of the Season
Laura FlynnYesterday, 12:16pmHi Liam, an email was sent to everyone a few weeks ago advising them on deferrals and/or refunds. I've checked with Pól and he has confirmed that one was sent to you.
If you cannot locate I think it's best that you email him directly at