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Need new trainers ?

Frank CoughlanSep 18 2020, 3:32pmHi, i need a new pair of trainers for hill running, I run on forest paths and then mud and loose stones (12 O Clock Hills in Clare)
I'm currently using Adidas Terrex but they are clunky and near the end of their days.
Thinking of Saucony Mad River or Peregrines, I like Saucony road shoes. Any advice ?
My only other pair of trail shoes were Salomon soeedcross and I didn't like them much..
Deirdre O GormanSep 18 2020, 4:00pmI have used Saucony Peregrine 8s; the grip is great on all terrain but even though they are a wide fit, I find the fabric on the toe box always rips after only a couple months (so I wouldnt buy at full price!). Other than that, they are v comfortable & light so a good buy if you could find them cheap online!
Frank CoughlanSep 18 2020, 10:20pmThanks saw them for 80 euros on sportspursuit or sportshoes...
Darren CroweSep 19 2020, 7:20amLike yourself, I’d be a Saucony fan in general. I’d use the Saucony KOA ST for tipping around Cratloe. Possibly not enough grip in the very muddy parts in winter time but it’s a shoe you’ll pick up at a decent price that goes well on general trails.
Phil behanOct 1 2020, 10:10pmHi guys, not a newbie but need some advice. Just getting over some slight Metatarsalgia on my second left toe. Also had some pain in the ball area of foot also. Physio reckons it’s my footwear having a very low protection cushion against rough ground. I was wearing Inov8 Talon 212 and noticed the protective sheet in side them is very low. Anyway, looking for recommendation for trail / mountain runners with more of a cushion ? Appreciate any advice.
Lorcan FarrellOct 1 2020, 11:13pmMy favourite inov8's for the hills here in dublin/wicklow are the roclites. I'd have to check what ones I have at home but you can get varying thicknesses of soles. Good hard wearing lugs, excellent grip on rock and good grip in slippy/boggy cconditions but without feeling clunky.
Andrew HanneyOct 2 2020, 9:37amIts important to use the right tool for the right job, Inov8 212 Talon, would be ideal open mountain shoes for me but any sustained rough ground running with them wouldn't be fun. I'm currently very happy with Saucony Peregrines for my bit of everything trail runner. I did try Adidas Terrex, but they are so rough and heavy I moved on, use them for hiking.
Warren SwordsOct 2 2020, 11:00amI also have x talon. One of best shoes I've ever had but they are hard on the feet. I only use them for races or open mountain.

The nike trail range are great when it comes to cushioning. You can pick up the pegasus trail 36 from 2019 for a decent price. Basically the road shoe with grip. Jury is out on latest nike trail 2 tho.

Wild horse also has lots of cushioning. Only issue with Nike is the grip isnt great for muddy conditions. But great for trail.
Fergus CahillOct 2 2020, 11:46amGot myself a pair of Nike Air Pegasus 36 back in late July; great for comfort and grip I must say but the forward lugs are worn away after only 3 months of road and trail use. I cursed the things but ended up buying another pair. £149 a pop but I'm a bit of a woman when it comes to shoes. Just cant help myself.
Phil behanOct 6 2020, 9:47amThanks all, after much research and cushioning being a big issue I think I'll go with the Nike Pegasus. BTW, if anyone needs any info on Metatarsalgia and dealing with it I could probably write a book on it at this stage. Thanks again. P
Warren SwordsOct 6 2020, 10:55amOCT2020 promo code will get you 20% off Nike website at the moment.

That'll get you Pegasus 36 Trail for €73 today.
Daniel SheahanOct 6 2020, 2:41pmAfter a similar issue to you Phil I've been using Hoka Speedgoats a lot for the cushioning. For IMRA races (after a lot of experimentation) I found that using Sarbothane Double Strike insoles with the x-talons works well. I put them on top of the existing insole.
Phil behanNov 24 2020, 10:08amJust to update anyone on this. This injury turned out to be Morton's Nureoma. Sounds worse than it actually is but takes a very long time to heal. I had to get a cortisone shot in my toe from the Doctor. Thank god its now almost gone. It's basically a burning sensation in my second toe that gets worse when running. The Nike trail are fantastic especially for anyone looking for cushioning and wider space at the top of the foot. I'm back running small distances now but increasing the mileage as the pain gets less. Its a slow road but finally seeing the end of it now. Not a bad time to be injured...
Warren SwordsMar 22 2021, 11:42amGood sale on Alltricks at the moment for trail shoes, and there's a code for another 20% off.


Some Inov8s, Nike, Salomon, Hokas etc available.
Trish CampionMar 23 2021, 12:12pmHi Warren, before I hit the credit card, are OK to order from? Not a dodgy site? Good value on it
Warren SwordsMar 23 2021, 12:36pmHi Trish, I used it a few times and the service has been great. They are owned by Decathlon.

Deliveries come via Europe so avoid UK.

Just be aware that you do have to pay to postal charges to return any items, but if you pay with paypal, return costs are refunded.
Trish CampionMar 23 2021, 12:42pmThats great Warren, good to know that!!! I can go ahead so!!