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New water bottles

Noelle FoleyAug 15 2020, 11:51pmHi
Bought a new running vest which included 2 collapsible water bottles.
My query is,has anyone any tips on how to get rid of the taste of
plastic from the bottles?I've washed them in milton but can still taste
Sarah JonesAug 16 2020, 10:23amI use high5 tablets in new bottle the first few runs but would love to know if anyone else has better ideas! I got two filter capped bottles and still can't get a clear taste?!
David LeslieAug 16 2020, 2:04pmHi there.

A spoon of baking soda mixed with water. Let it sit for an hour. Thankfully worked for mine.
Paul O BrienAug 17 2020, 10:55amI give mine a good wash out and throw them in the freezer till I need them again.