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Issue with Login on iOS

Anne-Marie FlahertyAug 14 2020, 2:07pmHi folks,

Hope everyone is well! It's been great to see races back on the calendar!

I sent an email to the webmaster a few months back in relation to this, but maybe it didn't arrive.

I've been having an issue with login for last few months on iOS devices (phone and tablet), when I enter username and password it just brings me to a blank page. It's not logging me in at all.

No error message(s) are appearing.

Login works fine on computer and on android. I've cleared cache etc. but no joy.

Anyone else notice this issue?

Jason DowlingAug 16 2020, 10:02amHi Anne-Marie,

Trying to resolve a problem like this without actually witnessing it and having a handset to fix it on is extremely difficult. Clearing the cache is something I would've suggested as well but obviously that hasn't worked. It is certainly working on iOS devices as have seen it first hand myself. There's no fancy technologies used in that it's all basic HTML, CSS etc. which is supported in all modern browsers both on desktop and mobile platforms. Sorry I can't be of more help but as already stated, that's a very difficult scenario to fix from a distance, I'd have to be experiencing it myself to have any chance of resolving it.

Kind regards,
Conor O'FarrellAug 16 2020, 3:12pmHi Anne-Marie

Have you tried with a different browser on your device? I might help you get around the issue.