Irish Mountain
Running Association

Aherlow 50k

Noel BarronAug 13 2020, 4:21pmHi, is this race still going ahead as planned?
Patricia RyanAug 14 2020, 9:45amAs of now yes we are planning the event at the moment. If things, Covid wise, change we will give as much notice as possible.
Conor LuceySep 13 2020, 2:01pmIf the race is going ahead, are there any more entries?
Robbie WilliamsSep 13 2020, 2:34pmCurrent race date 31 Oct

Entries will probably open a month before
John J BarrySep 13 2020, 5:00pmRobbie, is this a single 50k lap?
Paul O BrienSep 13 2020, 5:03pm@ Conor entry hasn't opened yet. @John yeah single 50k loop
Patricia RyanSep 14 2020, 2:26pmNice, one loop, 50k route planned for 31st October on lovely woodland trails in the Glen of Aherlow, stretching over as far as Bansha Woods (all going well Covid wise).
Pádraic WalshOct 11 2020, 12:07amem, I think the entry date might be wrong - is currently showing that entries open on 11/11 (race is on 31/10). Still hope it goes ahead!


Paul Tierney (Tipp)Oct 11 2020, 10:38amHey folks, is entry opening today? Like Padraic I’m hoping it goes ahead... eternal optimist
Robbie WilliamsOct 11 2020, 1:22pmIn order to not have to do a huge refund we will wait until much closer to the date to open entries.
Paul Tierney (Tipp)Oct 11 2020, 3:20pmThanks Robbie, that makes sense. My optimism is literally hanging by a thread. Realism is telling me to start the winter aerobic miles!
Simon KellyOct 16 2020, 12:11pmAs the WW race has been cancelled is this the same?
Just wanted to confirm.
Thank you to the IMRA and MMRA teams and volunteers as always, I appreciate the massive amounts of extra work this year in particular.
Let's hope that 2021 allows a return to somewhat near normality.