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Lillian DeeganAug 6 2020, 4:59pmRD and full race crew seeking - With Brockagh on for Sun. Aug. 23rd, I'm on to see could we get someone in to lead a team for this one? Thx Lillian
Hannah GibneyAug 6 2020, 5:08pmHi Lillian,

I don't mind lending a hand :)

Lillian DeeganAug 6 2020, 6:18pmThanks Hannah, you are very good to offer. You'll have certainly done your volunteer quota for 2020 by adding Brockagh in.

I'd suggest you pop in as a running helper if you wish and once we get an RD in, they will follow up closer to race day. Obvs if you don't want to run, getting the FA role filled would be really helpful. See how you go and thanks again.
Hannah GibneyAug 6 2020, 7:06pmNo problem at all, happy to help, put myself to do FA :)
Lillian DeeganAug 16 2020, 11:40amHello everyone,

I'm back to see can we source an RD for the race pencilled on Brockagh next Sunday? It would be great to see help lined up to allow people plan ahead.

Laura FlynnAug 16 2020, 12:49pmI just put my name down to RD this Lillian.
Laura FlynnAug 16 2020, 1:20pmI’d like to get a race marker lined up for this as soon as I can. Plan would be that whoever steps up would collect the race marking gear from Warren after Wednesday nights race at Paddock Hill.
Thanks in advance.
Fergal DownesAug 18 2020, 8:12pmHi, I just tried to purchase an entry but it doesn't come up in the items available for purchase even though it looks like there are over 30 enties available. Is the race actually fully booked out? thanks F
Fergal DownesAug 18 2020, 8:23pmScratch my previous I've just seen that the COVID rules have tightened
Lillian DeeganAug 18 2020, 8:24pmSwitch on a news channel there Ferg - it's all the rage this eve. With us being now reduced to very limited outdoor numbers, the shop for Brockagh has been closed. Numbers in to race are well above 15.

We'll get a msg posted by way of update on Covid guidance and evening as soon as we can.

Laura FlynnAug 26 2020, 1:15pmAnyone who entered this race should have received an email from Lillian Deegan, our Races Co-ordinator, in the last few days outlining our position on refunds If you did not I would be grateful if you would please email me on