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Adding club names...

Conor MurphyJul 24 2020, 2:59pm...think there'll be at least 4 of us from Beara AC in the IC race in Galtymore, but it's not on the drop down list of clubs when I go to update "my account" to insert the club. And can't seem to type it in, think the only options are none or a club from that list.

Would it be possible to add Beara AC?

And if you can change the list, could you also add in "Cork and Kerry Trail Runners" too? It's not a registered AC so no worries if that's not possible, just that I know of runners who are not in a formal AC but would like to identify with the group that they run with.

liam lynchJul 24 2020, 4:14pmA similar request ...could Donoughmore AC be added to the list of clubs.
Jason DowlingJul 24 2020, 4:38pmClubs added. We don't do 'group' names as this could potentially involve more admin work to maintain and add.
Conor MurphyJul 24 2020, 4:55pmThanks Jason.
Paddy HamiltonJul 24 2020, 9:27pmIf you could also add Slieve Gullion Runners.

Much appreciated.

Jason DowlingJul 24 2020, 10:38pm@Paddy, Slieve Gullion Runners now added.
Paddy HamiltonJul 25 2020, 9:35amThanks Jason
liam lynchJul 25 2020, 4:57pmThanks for that.
Patrick KissaneJul 27 2020, 3:24pmHi, I used to be able to add the club name myself but can you add Crippled Tonto's AC to the list? If not it's grand. and yes, we're a real club for auld lads that are crippled and should know better!
Kevin O'RiordanJul 27 2020, 3:49pmCan we add Naked Warrior Dancers AC to the list please?
Jason DowlingJul 27 2020, 4:00pmNaked Warrior Dancers AC can only be added if club members agree to wearing suitable and appropriate attire for the duration of each event and not perform post race celebratory dancing in the view of event participants.
Michael McSweeneyAug 3 2020, 8:13pmHi Jason,
Can you please add West Muskerry AC to the Club List.
Jason DowlingAug 3 2020, 8:46pmWest Muskerry AC has been added for you Michael.

Hope that helps,
Michael McSweeneyAug 3 2020, 10:52pmThanks.
Derek O KeaneAug 14 2020, 8:14amHi guys could you please add Love2run to your drop list
KEITH JOHNSTONAug 14 2020, 3:14pmAnd if possible, Armagh AC also.
John C RoganAug 17 2020, 5:30pmcould you please add Finn Valley AC also. Thanks John
John MannionSep 20 2020, 11:00amHi Could You Please add Loughrea AC and Predator Tri Club
Pádraig KingSep 21 2020, 1:32pmHi Jason,

Could you Add to drop down: Corofin AC

Thanks a mill
Raymond CumminsSep 22 2020, 12:15pmHi Jason, would you also add "Lakeshore Striders" please? There are a few of us who are members of the club who run with IMRA. Thanks.
Owen HarneySep 22 2020, 12:48pmHi Jason,

Great if you can add 'Galway Bay Brewery Running Club' too. We had 6 or 7 runners from the club take part in events early in the year, and I expect we'll have more as soon as things open up a bit again.

Julie McNameeSep 29 2020, 6:14pmHi,
Could you please add Running Coach Ireland.
Vlad LenSep 29 2020, 7:11pmHi can you please add Team Terror to the team list as well thanks
Brian O'GradySep 29 2020, 9:13pmHi.
Please add Sanctuary Runners as well.
Rory LeadbetterSep 29 2020, 9:58pmHi folks. Could you please add

Thomastown AC

Thanks a hundred billion ;-)
Lar HeffernanJan 7 2021, 9:44pmHi guys could you add, Irish Mountain Trail Runners , to your list .