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Wicklow Round Attempt

Derek KielyJul 20 2020, 4:00pmHi All,

I'm planning on having a shot at the Wicklow Round. Current plan is a 1am start Aug 1st, but I might bring it forward depending on weather forecast. I'll post here if I alter my start time.

Also, I'll post tracker details before starting.

Graham K. BusheJul 20 2020, 4:31pmBest of luck Derek. I hope all goes smoothly
Stephen BrennanJul 20 2020, 8:15pmFair dues. Hope it goes well for you.
Simon KellyJul 27 2020, 1:09amAll the best Derek...looking forward to watching you go and smash it!
Philip O'ConnellJul 27 2020, 12:19pmBest of luck Derek!
Gavin ByrneJul 27 2020, 3:07pmNice a midweek round.. have fun and good luck
Derek KielyJul 28 2020, 12:12amThanks lads, looks like Aug 1st is nailed on. Hopefully it'll dry up a bit during the week. Here's the tracker:
daniela lubiscakovaJul 28 2020, 8:53amVery nice! Bestest of luck Derek! Will be tracking the dot online.
Adrian HennessyJul 28 2020, 3:17pmGood luck Derek!
John MollohanJul 28 2020, 4:45pmBest of luck Derek. Looks like the weather is going to be good for you. Hope it all goes well
Paddy O'LearyJul 28 2020, 9:45pmBest of luck, Derek!
Thomas RocheJul 31 2020, 1:43pmBest of luck Derek, I hope goes well
Peter BellJul 31 2020, 8:41pmGood luck
Lillian DeeganJul 31 2020, 9:23pmAll the very best Derek.
Derek KielyAug 2 2020, 8:31amThanks for all of the good wishes everyone. Serious respect to anyone who takes on this challenge, its a beast. It nearly broke me a couple of times, especially the first few hours in the rain and darkness. The skies cleared by Glenmalure and it was magnificent afterwards. Rollercoaster of highs and lows during the day!
Brian KitsonAug 2 2020, 12:33pmA great accomplishment, Derek, especially with the difficult conditions early on. You still seemed teak tough heading off up Prince William’s Seat. All the preparations payed off, well played.
Christopher DunneAug 2 2020, 1:53pmWell done Derek.
Gordon PlaceAug 2 2020, 1:58pmFair play to you Derek
Brendan LawlorAug 2 2020, 4:20pmWell done Derek !
Ciaran CrokeAug 2 2020, 5:15pmWell done Derek
Adrian HennessyAug 4 2020, 11:12pmWell done Derek in tough conditions. It's quite soggy up there now.
Gareth LittleAug 5 2020, 9:24amCongratulation, Derek. A fantastic achievement!