Irish Mountain
Running Association

Ballyhoura Peak Half-Marathon

Stephen O KeeffeJul 20 2020, 10:55amHey. Just wondering if this is going ahead. I'm interested in giving it a go but need to book a day off work.

Robbie WilliamsJul 20 2020, 9:01pmWe are certainly aiming for it !!
Barry McEvoyJul 29 2020, 9:37pmHi,
This might be a silly question, but do I need a chip for the race. Did my first race in Carrantouhill but don't remember getting a chip or anything?
Robbie WilliamsJul 31 2020, 1:24pmNo Barry

Just your number bib
Patrick HannafinAug 1 2020, 2:43pmIt's my first race this year so I have a number but I do not have a bib with my number... Will I get this at the race at registration?
Patricia RyanAug 3 2020, 10:38pmYes, there'll be a separate table near sign in for number collection.
Aonghus MullinsAug 5 2020, 12:50pmHi running the half on Saturday it's my first mountain/trail event. What kit apapart from shoes any other equipment required that I wouldn't use on road race? thanks
Stephen O KeeffeAug 5 2020, 2:18pmYeah, a jacket is mandatory for all the imra races.
Maybe a fully charged phone in case of emergency
Something to carry water in.
Patricia RyanAug 5 2020, 2:26pmYou'll need to wear/carry a rain proof jacket with you throughout the race. A buff/mask is also required for the sign in area, start area, start of race and coming into the finish line. The RD will send out an email in the next day or two with all the details and requirements. Hope you enjoy your first trail run, it's a great route!
Aonghus MullinsAug 5 2020, 2:35pmThanks for your advice . See you on Saturday
Stephen O KeeffeAug 5 2020, 2:38pmForgot about the buff. Yeah I love the place. Ran and walked it before.
Ran one loop of it a few weeks backs, it has a bit of everything in it.
simon dugganAug 8 2020, 8:30pmA huge thanks to all involved in running todays event. Very enjoyable and great course.
Margaret DesmondAug 9 2020, 10:52amWhat a great day running in Ballyhoura yesterday-especially the 'wall of death X 2! Very well organised, thanks to all involved.
Mariusz LuczakAug 9 2020, 2:40pmWell done to all runners. I made few photos, but because all full, half and 10k runners were mixed on the course I added them to Ballyhoura Peak Marston photos sections. Half marathon &10k runner can find their photos there, tag away :)
You can also find full album here:
Carol HurleyAug 9 2020, 7:40pmThanks to the guy who gave me some of his warm lucozade yesterday, it was a lifesaver, got me through the last bit
Brian FlannellyAug 10 2020, 5:39pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Alice ClancyAug 10 2020, 10:57pmThanks Robbie and all the volunteers for such a beautifully beastly race on Sat...! Everything was so well organised and the looped route was a real challenge, especially second time round (but also first time round)...And great photos’s quite entertaining watching the expressions change on each loop!