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Wicklow Round

Thomas RocheJul 2 2020, 5:41pmHi All,

I'm going to give the Round a go this weekend.
I'll be starting at 2am on Saturday.
John MurrayJul 2 2020, 6:00pmExcellent...have been waiting a long time to see this announcement go up! :)

Here's to a fun weekend in the hills. :)
Stephen BrennanJul 2 2020, 7:09pmAll the best!
Richard NunanJul 2 2020, 7:30pmBest of Luck Tom ! Going to be a tough round with all that rain in the ground! Enjoy !
Robert CarneyJul 2 2020, 8:18pmHey Thomas the very best of luck with it.
Hope you get a nice turn in the weather for the Sunday.
Gordon PlaceJul 2 2020, 8:23pmBest of luck Tom! Hopefully bump into you somewhere out there
Seán HigginsJul 2 2020, 8:31pmBest of luck Tom
Shane LynchJul 2 2020, 9:43pmGood stuff, best of luck Tom!
Gareth LittleJul 2 2020, 9:54pmGood luck out there, Thomas!
Rory LeadbetterJul 2 2020, 11:21pmMammoth task! Best of luck Tom. Will be dot watching!
Conor O'FarrellJul 3 2020, 8:38amGood luck Tom, no bother to you!
Graham K. BusheJul 3 2020, 10:22amGreat stuff Tom. I hope all goes to plan, and the weather is with you. Best of luck. graham
Peter BellJul 3 2020, 11:25amGood luck Tom!
John MurrayJul 3 2020, 3:35pmTracker link for Tom's Round attempt...
Lillian DeeganJul 3 2020, 3:51pmGood man young Roche!

Delighted to hear we've another attempt happening. I'd not been much bothered with the weather this week, on nights, so it was of no great consequence my end. But seeing what you are gonna be at changed me thinking :)

Every best wish closing 'er out in jig time.

Good luck!
Alan AylingJul 3 2020, 4:57pmGreat stuff Tom, all the best for it.
Least you know not to veer too far right off Kippure at this stage ;-)
Thomas RocheJul 3 2020, 7:03pmThanks everyone. I hope I get better weather than u did Graham. I heard it was biblical by all accounts. I think I'll be taken the service road this time Alan, bad enough trying to find my way in daylight ;-)
Jason DowlingJul 3 2020, 8:35pmWishing you the very best on your attempt Tom. Hope the weather, the ground and the wind all play their part in helping you get around. Good luck and here's hoping you make it back to Featherbeds before last orders :)
Deirdre O'NeillJul 3 2020, 9:13pmBest of luck Tom, hope you smash it out there. Fingers crossed the weather behaves!
Paul BurchmoreJul 3 2020, 9:42pmBest of luck with that. Should be epic, hopefully the weather will behave
Christopher DunneJul 3 2020, 11:17pmBest of luck Tom, hope you have a great run.
John MollohanJul 4 2020, 7:02pmGreat running Tom. Keep going. You'll have one of the fastest bad weather completions under your belt at the finish line. Stop for nothing. Just do it...
Graham K. BusheJul 5 2020, 2:09amGreat determination Tom in Very Tough conditions. Well done to keep going.
Thomas RocheJul 5 2020, 11:25amWell, that will put manners on ye. I have a new found respect for people that have attempted the round. After a few navigational errors during the night I was chasing time all day but thanks to my crew, John and Ivana Working tirelessly throughout the day. I was set up for what was looking like a nail biting finish to make it within the 24hrs until I came to Tonduff at night where I made another nav error (We can compare notes Graham ;-)) And eventually put an end to my attempt. I finished it out at a snails pace just to finish what I started. Thanks everyone for the well wishes and thanks to my crew John, Ivana and Frank who played a blinder all day.
Gordon PlaceJul 5 2020, 12:06pmWell done Tom, some man to keep going and finish it out anyway. I'm sure you'll be back, and at least the weather couldn't be much worse again. Enjoy the rest
Brendan LawlorJul 5 2020, 12:09pmHard luck Thomas.. beidh la eile

Well done for finishing it out.. that will stand to you next time
Stephen BrennanJul 5 2020, 12:55pmFair dues Tom. Conditions were very challenging. You'll smash it next time.
Lillian DeeganJul 5 2020, 2:03pmMassive respect Tom. What doesn't kill yeah... Swift recovery wishes.
Robert CarneyJul 5 2020, 4:10pmWind was battering at the windows last night and made me think of Tom battling on.
Pure grit,
Fair paly to ya.
Greg CLARKEJul 7 2020, 1:58pmMaximum respect Thomas. You did something huge out there in those conditions. The hills are still there for next time. Well done