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Training Day

Tom BlackburnJun 30 2020, 10:15pmHi I am doing a Training day Next Sunday the 5th of July at 9 am in Glen cosh, Aherlow co Tipperary. The first 10 to put their names down please. This is a very specific training on hill climbing and descending.
Social distancing mist be observed, please bring hill running shoes, some food and a drink. there will be a charge of 20 euro on the day. .
Shane O'NeillJun 30 2020, 11:29pmHi Tom I'd love to be considered for this training day.
Aine KavanaghJul 1 2020, 9:12amHi Tom, is this suitable for a novice to mountain running? If so I’d love to go along. Thanks, Áine
Tom BlackburnJul 2 2020, 5:41pmThis will be beneficial to mountain runners of all ability, as I said in the opening note just the first 10 people who put their names down on this page if less than 10 people put their names down I will work with them but no more than 10.
Brian KitsonJul 2 2020, 6:02pmWhat a great idea for a training day. Choosing lines, controlling speed, posture, balance, turning, conditioning, the mental much to learn and that’s just going downhill.

I can’t make it but good luck with the session.
Martin CooneyJul 2 2020, 7:40pmHi Tom; just a couple of queries-
How long will this Training Day be for?
Where is the meeting point & parking?
Is it all outdoors?
Thanks, Martin.
Seán ManningJul 2 2020, 7:54pmCount me in. Thanks for organising it Tom.
Robert CarneyJul 2 2020, 8:23pmHi Tom,
Thanks for putting this on.
I'll put my name down please.
Richard CooperJul 3 2020, 12:24pmHi Tom,

If there are still spaces available, please put down the following two names;

Richie Cooper
Conor Keane


Conor KeaneJul 3 2020, 12:58pmConfirming Richard post above that I'd love to be part of the group and that I'm I am a imra member
Eoin O'NeillJul 3 2020, 7:02pmHI Tom,

If there's still space I'd like to put my name down for this.

Martin CooneyJul 3 2020, 7:54pmHi Tom,
If there is space there for your Training Day, can you put me down for it please?
Many Thanks,
Martin Cooney.
Tom BlackburnJul 3 2020, 10:35pmHi lads, those of you who have put your names down are welcome, I will see you on Sunday morning at 9 am. All training will be outside, please bring hill running shoes, some food and water. There are no shops near by we will be out for 2 hours before the first break and up to 2 hours more max to practice please bring a change of clothes in case the summer is on a day off. Until Sunday so any other queries 0876994976.
Tom BlackburnJul 5 2020, 3:33pmI hope you all had a good day, and get benefit from the new skills that you have learned.
Robert CarneyJul 5 2020, 4:05pmThis mornings session was excellent and left with a lot to think about and work on.
Big Thank you Tom for putting this on and sharing your knowledge.
Deirdre O GormanJul 5 2020, 6:27pmThanks a million Tom; a really enjoyable morning with loads of helpful info & lots to practice on!
Richard CooperJul 5 2020, 11:01pmGreat training Tom- learned a lot. Thanks again
Eoin O'NeillJul 6 2020, 8:47amThanks Tom, excellent session yesterday, plenty to think about and practice.