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Robbie WilliamsJun 24 2020, 9:59pmHello All..

With us putting plans into place behind the scenes, we are hoping that this race will open in a few days.

As you may be aware , the route is a challenging one indeed. I might add that, if we are going ahead, the route had changed slightly in order to not have the complexities of group bus travel. The new route will involve leave Cronins Yard, crossing the bridge, and ascending up past Lough Comeenapeasta and making straight for the grotto on Cruach Mor. This, as you might guess brings approx 900m of climbing in 3.5-4kms! The route continues as normal from there.

As with last year, please do not register for this race until you have got approval from race Director.

If interested, please send name, phone number and a list of races that have similar difficulty that you have completed already.

Thank you
Robbie WilliamsJun 24 2020, 10:00pmEmail:
Robbie WilliamsJun 28 2020, 10:22pmThis race is open from 9am tomorrow 29th June

Please do not register unless you have sent the pre race acceptance email as per previous post.

Race is €50

Race Trucker Hat, Refreshments, Live Tracking.

Cronin have asked that can we please avoid using their showers so as not to encroach on hikers comfort that are staying in pods etc. Thank You
Gary Mason81Jun 28 2020, 11:07pmHi Robbie
Do we need a confirmation email from yourself to say we can enter this event?
I sent an email but got no reply. Just unsure if that’s a no.
Robbie WilliamsJun 29 2020, 5:21amJust mailed you Gary
Gordon PlaceJun 29 2020, 8:34amGreat news!

Cronins say they are fully booked out for pods and camping in case anyone was going to try
Avril ChallonerJun 29 2020, 8:45amWould love to be able to make it down again, this was one of my favorite races last year! Hopefully will make it next year :)

We stayed in a campsite next to Cronins yard last year (Carrauntoohil Eco Farm) if anyone is looking for more accommodation next to the start. Nice little set up, allowed our dog to stay and a 5 minute walk down to Cronins yard.
Richard NunanJun 29 2020, 10:01amGordon - Campsite booking available via Robbie
Gordon PlaceJun 29 2020, 10:37amThanks Avril & Richard
Jeff SwordsJun 29 2020, 11:13amRichard/Robbie,

Is the campsite also available for the splitters doing the classic the next day?
Brian SmythJun 29 2020, 12:34pmHi Robbie

I see in March of last year this was categorized as a NG race. Is this still the case?

It says on the event info that GPS is allowed.
Presume this is just for distance traveled , timing, recording of route for post-race analysis etc ; and it is not allowed as a route finding aid?

Apologies if this has been clarified somewhere already.

Many thanks
Robbie WilliamsJun 29 2020, 5:54pmGPS is allowed in this race
Brian SmythJun 30 2020, 9:39amOk thanks Robbie
John CarneyJun 30 2020, 2:46pmHello Robbie.
I see spots nearly gone for race. I emailed yesterday morning and got no reply.. Just want to enter before spots gone and waiting on reply is all.
Robbie WilliamsJun 30 2020, 8:03pmHi John

Just double checked

I can’t find any mail
Fabio BaltieriJun 30 2020, 10:44pmHi Robbie, sent you an email as well few days ago and did not hear back, just sent it again. Should we expect a reply and get in touch directly otherwise?
Donal McMorlandJul 1 2020, 10:21amHi Robbie, I sent an email a few days ago regarding pre-approval but have not heard back. Can you check please. Thanks Donal
Billy CrowleyJul 6 2020, 8:41pmHi Robbie i also sent an email and got no response
Robbie WilliamsJul 6 2020, 11:48pmHI Lads

I think I have got most of you now.

Billy I cant find any mail from you.

I checked all my inboxes

Can you send again Please

Billy CrowleyJul 7 2020, 1:45pmI sent an email there again Robbie
Robbie WilliamsJul 13 2020, 3:50pmSkyline Covid year route
Alan AylingJul 14 2020, 8:05amThanks Robbie. Looks handy enough - with that contour interval :-)
Robbie WilliamsJul 14 2020, 8:20pmJust a small pull up
Robbie WilliamsJul 14 2020, 8:22pmFor All runners who got my ore race email

A little typo regarding buff wearing ...

Up to the 200m it is to be worn , not 1km

Thanks lads
Robbie WilliamsJul 16 2020, 6:12pmHI ALL




gary mcgoughJul 17 2020, 6:15pmHi Guys,

Just wanted to confirm the start time of the skyline in the morning?

Thanks and looking forward to the race!!

Jason DowlingJul 17 2020, 6:40pmIt has 11:00 on the event page @
gary mcgoughJul 17 2020, 8:36pmThanks.

I got a google calendar reminder today because I had downloaded the calendar at the start of the year for 8:30am as race start. Just wanted to double check nothing had changed from what was on the event page.

Robbie WilliamsJul 18 2020, 9:54amSkyline Dot Follow
Mícheál O'MullainJul 20 2020, 1:42pmA massive event lads and fantastic set up. Thanks to all involved. Report just up.

Best regards
Richard NunanJul 20 2020, 1:55pmThanks again to Robbie and his band of experienced volunteers.Fantastic route and it was nice to start in the cloud so we couldnt see the pain! What an awesome event/ weekend in Cronin's yard. Broken but great to be back racing !