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Covid update June 24 2020

Richard NunanJun 24 2020, 7:20pmThank you all for your continued patience and understanding over the past number of months. The committee are continuing to monitor the situation and have been meeting regularly with a view to getting back to the hills as soon as possible.

However while restrictions have been eased and the phases accelerated, there are still a number of matters which we need to consider before we can publish a calendar of events for the remainder of the year.

Most of our races in the Dublin/Wicklow region require permits from National Parks and/Coillte, or from local land-owners if we cross private land. We are working with all parties on the issuing of such permits and they, in turn, will need official guidance on the matter before reaching any agreement with us. While restrictions have been lifted, they still have to maintain and plan for social-distancing not only for organised events such as ours but also for other users of the hills.

We have drafted a set of protocols and guidelines to allow us return to competition in a safe and responsible manner and in compliance with social distancing and other requirements. We will be sending these to our governing body, Athletics Ireland, in the coming days for review and plan to publish these on our website shortly thereafter.

Finally, we do have some good news :- we plan to open entry for the Reeks Skyline and Carrauntoohill Classic within the next few days. These events will take place on the 18th and 19th of July 2020. Neither of these races require landlord consents or permits from National Parks or Collite and for that reason we are optimistic that they will go ahead (subject to finalising of our Social Distancing Guidelines). We also plan to schedule an event for the same weekend in the Dublin/Wicklow region which will not require permits from either Coillte or National Parks. We are currently working on this and will update you on this as soon as we possibly can.

We have drafted a calendar for the remainder of the year but will not be publishing this this until such time as we have clarification from National Parks and Coillte.

We hope to be able to bring you more good news in the coming weeks.
Christopher MurnaneJun 24 2020, 9:06pmGreat news, looking forward to getting back to racing
John C RoganJun 25 2020, 9:08amHi Richard,

Great news.. Can I ask about one scheduled competition in the meantime you may be able to provide clarity on: The B&I U17 & U20 Junior Championships Trial race set for Wicklow - due to be on the 12th July - how likely is it that this event will go ahead. I have a few athletes been asking about this race given its just over 2 weeks away. Hope you can clarify. Thanks John
James O'Keeffe79Jun 25 2020, 9:50amHi all,. Why does the online entry for the carrauntoohil say application error. Thanks James O keeffe
Lillian DeeganJun 25 2020, 10:31amHi James,
The event you query is not open for online entries hence the app. error. With the exception of our Mountain Meitheal fundraiser, we have no other races available for purchase/ entry.

Your best bet is to keep an eye on the Carrauntoohil Classic race page for updates by Munster. Robbie is in the process of getting everything ready to open the event. Sit tight for a tad longer. Thx Lillian
Miriam MaherJun 25 2020, 8:14pmHi John

Thanks for the query about the B&I Junior Mountain Running Championships. I've just updated the date for the trials to a provisional date of August 8th instead. We have been holding off updates until we get a better idea about the event itself going ahead. While it hasn't been confirmed as definitely going ahead, we are now making plans in that hope that it will be held on September 12th in Northern Ireland.

We will be providing full details regarding the trials, routes, selection criteria etc over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, if you'd like to email me - - I can give you more details around the trials and junior hill training options for the athletes you mention in your post

All the best

Junior Affairs Officer
John C RoganJun 26 2020, 8:34amThank you Miriam..
Richard NunanJun 28 2020, 9:01pmHi Folks,

While we await permission and permits and finalise our race protocols to get back to safe and responsible racing we are pleased to announce the opening of 3 races tomorrow morning that will be available via online registration ONLY.

The races are

- The Reeks Skyline
- The Carrauntoohill Classic
- Lug na Coille

The numbers will be restricted in accordance with the Government guidelines and we would ask people not to enter both races that are taking place on the weekend in Kerry. Our races will require an additional piece of kit. We may ask race participants to wear a facemask or buff in the registration and for up to 1km mark where a marshall will be posted. Further details of our new racing protocols will be posted during the week, Please hold further questions until that time.

The Committee
Gavan DohertyJun 28 2020, 10:15pmWell done committee,

Not easy (when there's videos of raves & queues outside Penneys) to organise races where there may be big crowds and still adhere to 'official' guidelines in place.
Unlike the raves or queues, IMRA races are organised by an identifiable group of volunteer committee members & individual RDs. While they seem like a pain hopefully us IMRA runners can do our best to adhere to any committee guidelines/restrictions which will hopefully help in getting us back to full racing!

Looking forwarding to making a safe comeback to the hills!

John BellJun 29 2020, 8:35amAs Gavan said, we'll done to the committee. I'm sure there is a huge amount of time and effort done and being done to allow us to get racing in the hills.

Robert CostelloJun 29 2020, 11:56amJust saw the post above re both races in Kerry. I already put my name down for both but happy to drop out of the Classic if there's an issue with this.
Richard NunanJun 29 2020, 12:02pmHi Rob,

Can you please send an email to Robbie letting him know which race you would like to take part in. He can take it from there

His email address is in the contacts section.


Stuart ScottJun 29 2020, 12:11pmWell done to the Committee for their hard work. I've been involved with the 'Back to Orienteering' plan and there's a lot to think about that isn't readily apparent on the outside. And IMRA is on another level entirely!

Until Coillte and the NPWS start reissuing permits, now could be an ideal time for trying out new routes on private land if anyone has contacts with any local landowners!