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Johnny McKinleyMay 25 2020, 3:01pmHi

Apologies if this doesn't belong on an IMRA forum, please delete if it is against the rules \ spirit of the site.

The KWU is currently still on, do any of you have specific advice on maps for the event? Rely on the yellow man marker posts, buy all three OS sheets or an overview map, follow the footsteps in front..?

Thank you

John BoyleMay 25 2020, 4:26pmHi Johnny - you’ll generally be asked to produce the 3 maps at gear inspection on the thursday evening before the race (part of the mandatory kit) - full mandatory requirements are detailed on the KWU website)
Johnny McKinleyMay 25 2020, 6:39pmThank you John,

I had seen that it states “route map” but wasn’t sure if that meant carrying all or an overview if the markers are easily spotted. I’m confident on my nav and tend to carry full OS maps but just looking for any advice from others who had completed the KWU.
John BoyleMay 25 2020, 7:05pmNo problem Johnny - am going back for my 7th year in a row if that’s any help - navigation would not be my strong point but ive never needed to consult the maps any year. You’ll also be wearing a tracker and will generally get a phone call if you deviate materially off course. The course is very well way marked anyway and the yellow fellas shows up very well at night so you shouldn’t have any problems on that score
Johnny McKinleyMay 25 2020, 7:26pmCheers again John.

Wow, 7th year that is the best recommendation yet!! I’m really looking forward to it having, hiked, camped & family holidayed in Kerry.

It is great that it looks like it’s going ahead ok, but my lack of mileage and a slack core is worrying. Happy training and maybe see you on the trail.

John MurrayMay 25 2020, 11:05pmI'm thinking about entering myself but have heard due to Social Distancing protocols being brought in that there is NO drop bags this year and all entrants MUST have a support crew!

This true?
Paul KellyMay 25 2020, 11:55pmHi John,

Drop bags are allowed, I asked Eileen a week or two ago.

John MurrayMay 26 2020, 11:26amThanks Paul, that's good news.

I'm sure everything is still up in the air at the moment and changing by the week. :)
Gary WarnockJun 11 2020, 11:55pmWouldnt bother with the OS maps. I think you need 5 or so to cover the whole route. Though only 3 are mandatory.

There are excelent maps available at:

I printed them out double sided and left the relevant ones in each drop bag. The route markers are good, but I kept the maps close anyway - saved me at least once!