Irish Mountain
Running Association

National Limerick Day

Brendan LawlorMay 12 2020, 10:49amIts National Limerick Day
So I've jumped onto IMRA to say
Get your paper and pen
Or get typing again
New submissions we'll cheer, hip hooray !
Louis MulleeMay 12 2020, 3:45pmThe race director was planning a route
With maps and parking instructions to boot
Please register online
Before the deadline
And for god sake make sure your not late!
Pádraig DoyleMay 12 2020, 4:22pmA ding-dong... Louis and Lawlor
With Mullee a country mile taller
But Brendan is sage
(For a man of his age)
Will the big man win out or the smaller?
Louis MulleeMay 12 2020, 4:44pmAh here, listen to yer man doyler
he blows hot air, like a broken boiler
He used to be quick
and on occasion quite slick
but now with no hills, hes a walker
Pádraig DoyleMay 12 2020, 4:49pmSee Lawlor dance into the ring
The crowd starts to whistle and sing
But ssshh, wait and see...
Comes the Hulk of Mullee.
Who'll be silenced and who be the King?
Brendan LawlorMay 12 2020, 4:50pmWith Louis I'd have to agree
Padraig Doyle I'd put over my knee
And give him a slap
For his cheek and his crap
And his ageist aul nonsense you see
Pádraig DoyleMay 12 2020, 4:53pmFirst Louis comes back in with a quip
Bout a man who'd been thrown off a ship
But the rhymes were quite crude
And the sentiment rude
Crowd's attention was starting to slip
Pádraig DoyleMay 12 2020, 4:55pmThen Brendan, or should I say Buddy
Who's still punching air in his hoodie
Came back with a rhyme
from a long distant time
But we know he's an aul fuddy duddy
Brendan LawlorMay 12 2020, 5:01pmPadraig's Limericks get better with time
He's into his rhythm and rhyme
But he's want to beware
Or at least have a care
Us aul lads are going just fine
Richard NunanMay 12 2020, 5:02pmWho is this hulk of Mullee
Who got lost off of Tonelagee
went right by mistake
Fell into the lake
and now is smelling of wee !
Brendan LawlorMay 12 2020, 5:09pmNow the Limericks come in thick and fast
We wonder how long it will last
Its easy to see
Rhymes and fine poetry
IMRA's bards are having a blast
Pádraig DoyleMay 12 2020, 5:13pmLouis, I'd say now is fumin'
He's just slagged off by the Nunan
But Richard is Brave
In the way he behave
He's got more in the tank I'm assuming?
Louis MulleeMay 12 2020, 7:14pmWell, that went downhill quite fast,
Like Alan Ayling drinking buckfast!
Thanks Mr Nunan,
Shouldn't you be cocooning?
Next race on the hills you'll be passed!
Anthony CornforthMay 12 2020, 10:17pmYou're so busy with all of the slaggin,
when it's the hills close by you should be baggin,
As you stumble and curse through the sitka and furze,
You'll have no breath left for all your tongue waggin.
Brendan LawlorMay 13 2020, 8:19amWell that was a great deal of fun
With not even a prize to be won
So til same day next year
We'll have little to fear
But enjoying a run in the sun

Thank you all for a great day of Limerick's yesterday !
Graham K. BusheMay 13 2020, 8:47amThe forum, I've only now read,
Discovered this wonderful thread,
But the deadline I missed,
Can I go on a list?
Or transfer my entry instead?
Pádraig DoyleMay 13 2020, 2:12pmNow Graham, he knows he was late,
But still he stood up to the plate.
He cooked up his rhyme
at his breakfasting time
and squeezed in a few jokes as he ate.
Brendan LawlorMay 13 2020, 2:27pmThe deadline for this is now past
With entries from first to the last
To ensure some fair play
We'll extend by a day
So those entries please get them in fast
Gordon PlaceMay 13 2020, 2:53pmG. Bushe just cocked up his plans
Now says naked warrior dance
B. Lawlor obliges
While Doyler disguises
Himself in his new lycra pants
Pádraig DoyleMay 13 2020, 3:37pmAh Gordon, don't speak out of Place
Or you'll end up with egg on your face
you're oft lycra wearing,
styling your hair and
dandily dressed for the race
Gordon PlaceMay 13 2020, 3:38pmNow Padraig, don’t mention the hair,
You’ve got more than your bleedin fair share,
Stay outta me way,
With your aul Timotei,
Or face off in the hills if you dare
Pádraig DoyleMay 13 2020, 4:35pmThe gauntlet has just been thrown down.
Two lads are right keen to start rowin'
You'll have me for speed
when you're out in the lead
But for now you can stay there in town!
Gordon PlaceMay 13 2020, 5:17pmSpeed depends on how much one trains,
With the effort affecting the gains,
While you're in Stamullen,
No doubt your #*d pullin,
I'll be out running the lanes!
Pádraig DoyleMay 13 2020, 6:13pmThere climbing Mont Blanc in your yard
Like a hamster going at it too hard
I might be lazy
But you're gone stir crazy
I'm sending a get-well-soon card
Graham K. BusheMay 13 2020, 8:29pmOur Gordon is not one to slack,
With his steping box out round the back.
But when Djouce comes in sight,
He'll be there half the night.
Each step up will precede a step back!
Graham K. BusheMay 13 2020, 8:49pmThey gathered from far and from wide,
To race up and down a hill side.
Then back to the pub,
for a drink and some grub.
Regaling their feats with some pride
Alice ClancyMay 14 2020, 8:37amNow the ‘bards’ have ceased poetry,
B. Lawlor; we all have a plea-
While some were profane,
They were never mundane,
Anois, cé hé rí na Luimnigh??
Brendan LawlorMay 14 2020, 9:14amOk all, the fun has to stop at some stage

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who contributed our 27 Limericks.

Padraig took the Johnny Logan approach and picked fights all round him..kicking myself and Louis firstly before turning his guns on his old pal Gordon. Richard Nunan jumped in with a well timed swipe at Louis but Louis's riposte was excellent. Anthony's plea to calm the swipes down fell on very deaf ears unfortunately (or fortunately maybe!)

So all in all a feast of Limericks with some beautiful imagery and relevance.

Two couplets which stood out to me as noteworthy were Louis's

'Thanks Mr Nunan,
Shouldn't you be cocooning?'

and Gordon's classic

'Stay outta me way,
With your aul Timotei,'

But for me the winning Limerick of the past two days was Graham's

'The forum, I've only now read,
Discovered this wonderful thread,
But the deadline I missed,
Can I go on a list?
Or transfer my entry instead?'

with Alice's very very dance with one of the naked warriors the runner up

'Now the ‘bards’ have ceased poetry,
B. Lawlor; we all have a plea-
While some were profane,
They were never mundane,
Anois, cé hé rí na Luimnigh??'

Until next year folks
With your cracks and your jokes !

Brendan LawlorMay 14 2020, 9:18am'with Alice's very very dance with one of the naked warriors the runner up'

should say..

with Alice's very very 'dance with one of the naked warriors' the runner up

I suspect the internet wizards have been up to their tricks !
Brendan LawlorMay 14 2020, 9:21amL8 en-try
Pádraig DoyleMay 14 2020, 9:29amThanks Brendan... best laugh I've had in a while.

Graham's from yesterday morning got the biggest laugh from me anyway!

The "Johnny Logan of Limericks"... might get that tattooed somewhere obvious.
Gordon PlaceMay 14 2020, 9:55amThanks Brendan, was a nice distraction! Graham did very well, giving the opportunity to keep it going but I fear you've turned Padraig into Dickie now....
Alan AylingMay 14 2020, 5:50pmBrendan Lawlor is old, but he's plucky;
Lou Mullee little more than a rookie.
They're both missin' the hills,
feelin' sad for themsel's,
As for me? I's just missin' me Bucky