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Paul JoyceMar 7 2020, 9:06pmThanks to those who have already volunteered for Annagh Hill. With two weeks to go, we could do with a few more volunteers. Please sign up using the Volunteer tab. Statistically speaking, volunteers are incredibly lucky when it comes to Annagh spot prizes, which include pizzas back at the Gap pub (and thanks to the gang at the Gap pub for accommodating us once again).

The course is a tough one, and is currently in a damp/mucky state. Footwear choice will require traction to deal with steep ascents/descents, rock, mud, stone, etc etc. Same route as last year- we will endeavour to hyper-mark relevant junctions to ensure no-one goes astray (and will have Marshalls at key points to direct, providing we have the bodies).

More info will be posted here over the next couple of weeks. There will be a specific Junior course should any Juniors turn up on the day (please make yourself known at reception). Currently there are no plans to hold any kiddies race, however if there is any interest (including interest to help on the day) let us know via this forum and we can certainly organise something fun for the youngest iteration of IMRA warriors.
Andrew HanneyMar 8 2020, 12:35pmHi Paul, I’ll have my daughter who is W14 with me.
Paul JoyceMar 8 2020, 5:35pmHi Andy, U14 can run up to 5k, and we can probably do a good 5k route. I'll confirm closer to the date (it will be subject to having enough Marshals)
Alan AylingMar 10 2020, 9:50pmHi all,
Just to clarify, there will not be an early start offered at this race and there will be a cutoff time in place as per the race instructions. These measures are in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of runners and to be reasonable to the volunteers. A limited number of marshals are available and it's not practical to deploy them onto the hill early enough to operate an early start effectively.
The cutoff is 50 minutes into the race, at 3.7 km - a third of the way around. Anyone not making the cutoff would be around 3 hours, maybe more, on the full loop - the section beyond the cut-off is technically and physically very challenging. The short course, which turns around at the cutoff point, is still about 7.5 km and in itself is comparable to a typical Winter League full course. In other words even if you do the short course, you'll have a full-on experience of mountain running.
The full course is suitable for fit, experience mountain runners.
The RD and Deputy RD have put a lot of thought into these arrangements and have the backing of the committee.
We trust those who usually take the early start will understand.
Thank you.
Paul JoyceMar 12 2020, 2:15pmAnnagh race is postponed due to Virus.

Please see message below:

A new message has been added by Laura Flynn on 12th March:

Hi everyone,

On the back of Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s statement this morning, and subsequent statement from AAI, we have decided that it would be sensible for us to Postpone all IMRA activities until after the 30th of March.

The Committee will now need the time to revise the Calendar for the coming month so that we can make the correct decisions. We will issue new Dates for MMU and MM Trail in the coming days to allow people to plan.

As always, we will continue to monitor the situation and update as necessary
Thanks for your support and understanding on this matter and please continue to be vigilant with hand washing, coughing and sneezing into your elbow, and seeking medical advice if you develop symptoms.