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David G FassbenderMar 3 2020, 9:14amHi folks,

Does anyone use any particular apps for trail running? I'm wondering specifically if there are any apps that guide you on new trails in /around Dublin and Wicklow area.


John J BarryMar 3 2020, 9:38amDavid,

Unlikely there is anything free that would be good enough for mountains.

ViewRanger or EastWest Mapping would be good paid ones.
Eoin KeithMar 3 2020, 9:46amplenty of online trail mapping, like opencyclemaps. For similar offline abilities try something like Locus maps combined with openandromaps for offline mapping, or talkytoaster for mapping if you're using a garmin device.
Warren SwordsMar 3 2020, 10:42amStrava's "Segment Explore" is very under-rated. Make sure to search under the running tab rather than cycling.

You'll find lots of segments all over Dublin / Wicklow. There's not much open trails that are not part of a segment.

Click on any segment and it'll bring you to the leaderboard. Click on the name and you'll see that person's full route.

Viewranger is pretty good, shows open trails.
John MurrayMar 3 2020, 11:39amI use the App 'AllTrails' when I'm travelling to find local routes but it also lists hundreds of city and mountain routes around Ireland.
Sarah JonesMar 3 2020, 12:46pmOsmAnd is a worldwide and off line app
John CondonMar 3 2020, 1:57pmView Ranger is a handy app for both navigation and routes
Rory LeadbetterMar 5 2020, 9:49amIve used Both the View Ranger and All Trails apps. Found them both useful but would definitely go with All Trails.