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Conor BradyMar 1 2020, 3:02pmHi folks,
Will there be a junior race at this one? If so, what distance?
Niamh KellyMar 1 2020, 5:01pmHi Conor,
yes there will be a short course I will check what distance
For you and let you know.

Stefan HamiltonMar 9 2020, 9:31pmHiya, quick important point about parking as the link for parking at the time of writing is pointing to last years event location which is a few kilometres from the start

Parking will instead be at: if someone can update on the main event page.

There is limited parking here so please car pool. There are also a few parking spaces about 2 km north of the start where you can park and walk down fire track to the start:

Also if updating, can you remove the maps from the map page for the event as they are also last years? Thanks
Niamh KellyMar 10 2020, 8:38amThanks, Stefan,

We will help Paddy sort that out on the main page

Shane O'ReillyJul 1 2020, 12:51pmHi Niamh, Paul,

Just wondering if we can expect this race or some of the races in the SE league to kick off again, to complete a (presumably shorter) SE league for the year?

I wonder if racing in the SE will not be as restricted as in the Dublin/Wicklow region with permits and larger numbers.

I appreciate that racing is just kicking off again in the next 2 weeks so still early days!

Niamh KellyJul 1 2020, 2:08pmHi Shane,

We are working on dates so we will know soon and hope to have 2 to 3 more races to finish off the year. we will update as soon as we can

Shane O'ReillyJul 2 2020, 7:19amHi Niamh,

Great, looking forward to it. Thanks for the feedback.

Ellie KilleenJul 26 2020, 10:53amHi please can you tell me if there will be a junior race on Sunday? Thanks.
Niamh KellyJul 27 2020, 3:54pmHi all,

Paddy Rowe our race director really needs someone for first aid for the race to go ahead on Sunday, if anyone can help out that would really be appreciated

Thank you
Niamh KellyJul 27 2020, 4:25pmEllie,

Sorry for the late reply, unfortuently not, no short course on Sunday
Stefan HamiltonJul 29 2020, 10:04am<b>Parking at Trail Head:</b><br>
Limited number of parking at <a href=''>Three Rocks Trail Head</a>

<b>Parking at Pennylands (1.9km to Trail head):</b><br>
Handful of spaces available at <a href=''>Pennylands</a>
Walk down to Trail head is 1.9km along the main fire track. Route: <a href=',-6.5763259/Forth+Mountain+Walk,+R733,+Skeaterpark,+Co.+Wexford/@52.2957936,-6.5785527,16z/data=!4m9!4m8!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x4842a7efd7df9c53:0xc92fbf03e2983650!2m2!1d-6.580327!2d52.293789!3e2'>Pennylands to 3 Rocks Trail Head</a>

<b>Parking at Shelmaliere Commons Grotto (2.7km to Trail head):</b><br>
Plenty of spaces available at <a href=''>The Grotto</a> and <a href=''>Lower Grotto carpark</a>
Walk to Trail head is 2.7km along the road and main fire track. Route: <a href=',-6.586262/52.3061009,-6.5763996/52.3059186,-6.5763285/52.2938968,-6.5803202/@52.2951534,-6.5809956,684m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!4m1!3e2'>Shelmaliere Commons to 3 Rocks Trail Head</a>
Stefan HamiltonJul 29 2020, 10:06amParking at Trail Head:
Limited number of parking at

Parking at Pennylands (1.9km to Trail head):
Handful of spaces available at
Walk down to Trail head is 1.9km along the main fire track.

Parking at Shelmaliere Commons Grotto (2.7km to Trail head):
Plenty of spaces available at and
Walk to Trail head is 2.7km along the road and main fire track.
Lilly JonesJul 30 2020, 8:21pmCan a 13 Yr old race the 7k loop?
Miriam MaherJul 31 2020, 10:00amHi Lilly

See this link to details for the juniors and race distances.

If the child turned 13 this year they can not run the full course.

Best regards

Niamh KellyAug 1 2020, 5:47pmHi Everyone,
I hope you are all looking forward to the race tomorrow morning

Please note registration opens at 9.45 am and closes at 10.45 sharp

If you need a replacement number please purchase one from the shop before tomorrow as it can not be done at registration ( No money or vouchers accepted on race day)

Please read over the new social distancing protocols before race day Here:

 Wear a face covering at registration and start area
All runners must keep the face covering on for the first 200m of the race
 when coming back in to the finish area, please keep your distance and use your face covering again.

Prizegiving will be at the finish line 1st/ 2nd/3rd Male and female
No tea/cake at the minute  ( hopefully we can have that back soon)

Mandatory Gear:  long sleeved waterproof jacket must be carried/worn during the race 

See you all tomorrow 
Niamh KellyAug 2 2020, 4:35pmWith the weather on our side, we had a great morning for the race in Forth Mountain it was great to see you all and well done to all our runners.

I would like to say a huge well done & thank you to our Race Director Paddy Rowe and his team of great volunteers I know it has been said but we could not do it with out you all.

See you all at the next one on the 16 of August in Killbranish

John McCannAug 2 2020, 10:16pmThanks to Paddy, Niamh and all the team for a fantastic morning on the hills. Really well organised event and a super fun route. The weather behaved as well for the most part!
Conor O'FarrellAug 3 2020, 7:33pmThanks to Paddy, Niamh, Paul and the rest of the crew for a great race yesterday. It was great to see such a strong turn out once again. Congrats to Tom and Dena on tier wins, despite adding on a few hundred meters.

Results are now up, please send any queries to

Derek KellettAug 4 2020, 12:33pmThat was fun.... thank you