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Race jackets

Ross orourkeFeb 27 2020, 5:50pmHey guys looking to run my first race this weekend

I am just wondering what types are jackets are ok to use??

I am currently using a karrimor running jacket, which I find light and easy to carry. Would these jackets be ok, just wary because they aren't that expensive

Thanks for any help
Dave DochertyFeb 28 2020, 8:16amRoss,
In my opinion it depends on the race and weather/ terrain you are taking on and also the ability of the runner. I'd say your jacket is more than adequate for the majority of shorter imra races. When you complete a few you will get a feel for what required. Alot of runners usually try have pockets or straps so they don't have to hold the jacket or just tie it round your waist.
Hope this helps

Ross orourkeFeb 28 2020, 4:34pmThanks dave