Irish Mountain
Running Association

Dingle Trail Half Marathon

Tim ManganFeb 17 2020, 2:44pmHello Folks,

Can you share any details of this route yet:?

Robbie WilliamsFeb 17 2020, 3:01pmWill have after the weekend Tim
Tim ManganFeb 20 2020, 11:51amThanks Robbie
Rory O DonovanMar 4 2020, 8:15amHi all,
Just checking whether this event is going ahead?
Barry MurrayMar 4 2020, 9:56amHi Rory,

It is. We have to just officially gpx it and do a recce to confirm.

Weather has prevented us from doing that over last few weeks.

I plan on doing it this weekend. Once this is done, we can vet the route and open registration.

Rory O DonovanMar 4 2020, 11:11amThat's great Barry, thanks for the quick reply, looking forward to it. One further query if you don't mind, when it says that "only major junctions marked", are a compass and navigation skills required? Thanks, Rory
Barry MurrayMar 6 2020, 10:40amRory - the route will be marked. But like any open mountain race, experience and navigation skills are useful especially with poor visibility.
Tim ManganMar 20 2020, 12:55pmI realise that this race may not go ahead, but I'm still curious about the route. Is there a gpx you can share?