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Andrew FleetFeb 17 2020, 9:43amHello Everyone,

Just putting out a message ahead of the next SEL race on 1st March.

We have a few volunteers already but if anyone would be happy to help out on the day that would be much appreciated. If you still want to run we'll make sure you have a role that will accommodate that.

Drop me a message in here if you've any questions.


John J BarryFeb 17 2020, 10:15amAndy, I'll be there and Ann too for First Aid duties..
Andrew FleetFeb 17 2020, 7:44pmThanks John, much appreciated!
Rory LeadbetterFeb 19 2020, 11:01pmAll going well I’ll be running this. Would also like to help out if I can but can’t commit yet as we have a new baby in the house. Can hopefully be around to Mark and de-mark.
Patrick PowerFeb 20 2020, 9:23pmHi Andy,

I will volunteer too on the day, I'm hoping to run too if that's possible.

Brendan CarriganFeb 25 2020, 2:49pmHey Andy,

Signed up to race but more than happy to help out in any way as well. Let me know.

Andrew FleetFeb 26 2020, 4:59pmThanks for the replies everyone. Seems we are doing great for volunteers so everyone who has specified they'd like to run will be able to.

Derek DelahuntyFeb 29 2020, 12:14pmHi Andy

What time are you meeting in the morning. Will you need a hand this evening with marking.

Conor BradyFeb 29 2020, 9:51pmFolks is it starting at 10am or 11am? Race page says 11, but says junior race "also" starts st 10am. Don't want to turn up late.

Also re. the junior route - how does it compare with Castlecomer? Young land finished that strongly but found it tough going (it was his first ever running race). He seems to be worrying that this will be as hard and nerves are getting the better of him af the last minute.
Oisin FurlongFeb 29 2020, 9:53pmHi. Is the junior race going ahead tomorrow? 10am start or 11am? What distance will the junior course be? Thanks in advance
Declan GormanMar 1 2020, 2:55pmWell done to the organisers and volunteers for a very enjoyable race today.
Conor BradyMar 1 2020, 3:16pmYes, thanks folks. Enjoyed that!
Conor O'FarrellMar 1 2020, 9:52pmHi All

Results are now up. Please send any queries to

Ciaran AylwardMar 2 2020, 7:44amBig thanks to the organisers and volunteers. Lots of potential and hope to be back next year.