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Carrauntoohill Classic

Andrew MurphyFeb 13 2020, 8:02pmI'm happy to volunteer at this event if needed.

As I am an IMRA noob I don't know what or if training is required so leave it to the race director to decide on an appropriate role.
Robbie WilliamsFeb 13 2020, 10:08pmWill you mail please ..
Francis KellyJun 13 2020, 10:45amGood day everyone.

Do we think think event will take place?
Robbie WilliamsJun 13 2020, 8:40pmI would love to tell you yes for sure but I can’t.

Totally depends on government guidelines on June 29th

It will be a two week announcement but nothing we can do but wait

Jenny Uí ShéJun 15 2020, 2:46pmThanks Robbie was just going to ask we will wait and see as you say
Peter WilliamsJun 24 2020, 1:04pmHi All,

Can we enter this event now/is it going ahead on 19th July?


Peter Williams
Christopher MurnaneJun 24 2020, 2:21pmHopefully goes ahead, would be great to get back racing
Robbie WilliamsJun 24 2020, 4:52pmWill update on this in next 48hrs

Getting ducks in row...
Barry O'NeillJun 27 2020, 4:49pmMy fingers are poised......:)
Robbie WilliamsJun 28 2020, 10:25pmHello all...

This race is open from 9am tomorrow morning.

The race is €25

Race includes Race Trucker hat & refreshments .

Limited spots (100)
Robert CostelloJun 28 2020, 11:43pmGood stuff. Was this race open already? Appears to be 25 entered so only 75 left.
Lillian DeeganJun 29 2020, 12:16amNope, not yet Rob. Committee were asked if Munster could reserve a few spots for their RDs and more regular helpers. We had/ have no issue with the request.
Patrick KissaneJun 29 2020, 10:05amHi, I registered yesterday at 5.15pm so I assume it's a valid entry? Have a confirmation e-mail. Race Number 404.
Patrick KissaneJun 29 2020, 10:07amNever mind, I see the "you are entered" on the race page now!
Barry O'NeillJun 29 2020, 5:53pmWith lug na coille on the same day for those of us racing for the first time this year will number collection be an issue?

Also, thanks to everyone involved for getting things back up and running.
Bojan PovsicJun 30 2020, 3:23pmHi guys! Is there a gpx file available for this route?
Thank you.
Kevin SynottJul 1 2020, 4:58pmHi!
I missed the entry opening on Monday and I see it's full already.
Can I be put on the reserve if their is one please in case someone can't make it.
Thank you!
Paul GonnellyJul 6 2020, 8:14amHi there, will there be any more places available for this race?
Richard NunanJul 6 2020, 8:52amNo the race is full - so Entries are closed.
Barry CrosseJul 6 2020, 10:25amHi Bojan
Heres a link to my strava data from 2 years ago.
Hope this helps.
Bojan PovsicJul 6 2020, 11:45pmThanx a mill Barry! Will use this weekend when I'd be exploring the route. I know it's trek race so you can almost choose way up but not familiar with these lands at all.
See you at the race!
Barry O'NeillJul 7 2020, 9:37amCan someone confirm there won’t be an issue with collection of race numbers as we have two races on the same day.
John MurrayJul 7 2020, 9:55amHi Barry,

Committee meeting again this evening so we should know exactly what is happening with Race Number Collection then. I'll update this later this evening.

Richard NunanJul 7 2020, 9:59amBarry, to answer your question - we have 4 sets of Numbers to insure if a Munster and a Leinster race occurs at the same time we dont have an issue.


Barry O'NeillJul 7 2020, 10:11amCool,
Thanks lads.
Cormac WallJul 7 2020, 2:34pmHi gang,

I have paid for a ticket and can no longer attend, is it possible to transfer my place to someone else?
Robbie WilliamsJul 8 2020, 12:51pmHi Cormac

Unfortunately as IMRA is volunteer managed, there is a no refund/no transfer policy

Hope you can get to make it

Loretto O'SullivanJul 10 2020, 9:24amHi. I’m wondering if I could get an early start for Carrantouhill Classic. Also - would anyone else be interested in an early start. I don’t want to go on my own if possible.
Michael ManganJul 10 2020, 8:23pmI'm planning to run some of the course as far as the top of the ladder, in the first half of tomorrow. If anyone in the area is interested, they are welcome to join me.
John DillonJul 13 2020, 12:20pmHi folks, any advice on footwear for Sunday’s race? It’s my first time doing the course so I’m not sure what the surface will be like. Any advice greatly appreciated…
Walsh RowanJul 13 2020, 5:56pmHi John, I'll be wearing a pair of X-Talons. Hopefully they'll keep me upright
John DillonJul 13 2020, 6:37pmThanks Roman, I actually have a pair of x talons myself! They are the ones I hoped to wear. However because of their very thin sole I find that my feet get sore on a very rocky route. If you think they are ok that’s good enough for me! Thanks for your help
Walsh RowanJul 13 2020, 7:57pmYou should try rolling out your feet, rocks shouldn't hurt that much through the sole. If you are ever curious about what others wear during these races pop on Strava and check out the segment leader boards. Most runners will show runners worn on the day.
John DillonJul 13 2020, 8:15pmThanks Rowan. Might be no harm to roll out the feet for sure. I’ll do it as part of my training for the next few sessions and see if it’s effective. Thanks again for your help.
Walsh RowanJul 13 2020, 8:21pmYour very welcome and good luck on Sunday.
Robbie WilliamsJul 14 2020, 8:21pmFor All runners who got my ore race email

A little typo regarding buff wearing ...

Up to the 200m it is to be worn , not 1km

Thanks lads
Walsh RowanJul 15 2020, 12:13amHi Robbie, I didn't get the email and am registered. Could you please forward
Robbie WilliamsJul 16 2020, 6:12pmHI ALL




Patrick McGowanJul 17 2020, 1:38pmHi all, completely forgot the weekend this was on. Just wondering if there is any chance of entry at this late stage?
Thanks folks.
Buckley TimJul 18 2020, 1:13pmPatrick - I have an entry but can't run tomorrow. I don't know how a transfer works but you're welcome to it?
Paul GonnellyJul 18 2020, 3:11pmIf Transfers are possible, I'd be interested also if anyone else has a spot
Lillian DeeganJul 18 2020, 3:27pmTransfers within IMRA are not an option lads - sorry.

We are a volunteer led organisation - the extra amt. of time required to facilitate transfers and the like is massive.

If you pull up the "Membership/Shop/Online Entries" drop down, you'll see specific mention being made on IMRA product purchases.
Paul GonnellyJul 18 2020, 3:38pmNo problem, thanks for letting me know, hope to make the next one
Eoin O'SheaJul 19 2020, 10:16pmBrilliant event today. Thank you to all involved especially volunteers on the peaks!
kieran o sullivanJul 20 2020, 7:14amthanks to all who organised this. my first IMRA event-very enjoyable.
Christopher MurnaneJul 20 2020, 8:34amGreat event and super organization, Thanks to all the volunteers
Warren SwordsJul 20 2020, 9:17amThanks to Robbie and all the volunteers. Fantastic event and great set up at Cronin's yard. Organisation was superb, Munster folks really put on a good show.

Brilliant race, stunning conditions on the mountain. Great to see familiar faces again after the long break.
Brian BuckleyJul 20 2020, 9:39amGreat event yesterday, thanks to all involved. It was good to be out "racing" again.
Eoghan MeskellJul 20 2020, 1:12pmFantastic event yesterday, my first mountain race. Thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks to all volunteers who were very helpful and accommodating. Will results be posted in the coming days. Back to the low impact sport of rowing for awhile
simon dugganJul 21 2020, 1:33pmThanks to all involved for organising Sunday’s race. A really enjoyable day. The encouragement from the hikers was fantastic. Made the pain somewhat bearable.
Patrick McGowanJul 21 2020, 4:04pmThankyou for the offer Tim.

Totally understand Lillian.
I was there a few hours after the race for a evening hike to see the comet. Lads I knew who did said it was fantastically run. And huge credit to all the runners there was not piece of litter to be found.
Barry O'NeillJul 21 2020, 6:39pmSecond year running this. I absolutely love it.
Thank you so much everyone for getting this show on the road. Big thumbs up!
Brian FlannellyJul 21 2020, 8:48pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Barry MurrayJul 21 2020, 9:02pmWhat a weekend to restart the racing !

Report now up !
Barry McEvoyJul 23 2020, 1:50pmThanks for awesome race.
Report up now from a newbies perspective!!!
Christopher MurnaneJul 23 2020, 7:41pm2 great reports, Thanks for sharing.
Jason KehoeJul 26 2020, 12:07amRace report now up. Thanks to Robbie and his massive crew who gave up their whole day, weekend and I'm sure countless additional hours to get the show back on the road. It was a highlight event and trip for my family and I. Next years plans sound fantastic. The quicker we can get back to the good old days the better, let's keep that in mind as we strive forward as an organisation.

Thanks again,