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Robbie WilliamsFeb 11 2020, 3:01pmThere is a risk of storm coming in on Saturday next. With the running of the Sli Ultra and Half taking place we will be keeping a stern watch on the weather forecast and will keep all entered runners updated.

At the moment the Half runners have all received your race instructions and the ultra runners will have their instructions going out today. The mandatory kit list stated may be expanded and it is up to the runner to have all mandatory kit with them at race start for inspection.

The mandatory kit WILL be checked and we will be extremely strict especially give the storm warning. Ant runner not carrying all kit will not be allowed to start.

Hopefully the weather window will shift but the very best we can expect is a huge amount of rainfall. As explained in the race email, your jacket should be durable with taped seams. Please do not show up in a windbreaker style jacket. This will not be allowed.

We need to be sure we are keeping runners as safe as possible while still letting them enjoy the challenge of battling the terrain and the elements.
Jason WebbFeb 11 2020, 4:52pmHi Robbie, Can I confirm OMM Kamleika Race Jacket will be accepted? I also seen the requirement for the trail shoes, I have a pair of Columbia running shoes with smaller lugs, I also have a pair of runners with the bigger lugs but the preference been the Columbia as they have more grip, will they be accepted? Thanks
Robbie WilliamsFeb 11 2020, 7:26pmGrippier the better Jason.

Jacket should have taped seams..
I’d advise the 10,000 water resistant quality

It’s gona be a rough day
Robbie WilliamsFeb 13 2020, 4:58pmUPDATE:

Ok: Re Sli Ultra & Half... Met Éireann take:
Saturday: A very wet and very windy start to Saturday in association with Storm Dennis. Rain in all areas during the morning, heaviest in the west, clearing to blustery showers during the afternoon. Strong and gusty southerly winds veering southwesterly with gales on coasts. Another band of heavy rain crosses the country on Saturday night with southwesterly winds remaining strong to gale force. Lows of 2 to 5 degrees.

Basically a bad weather day..
Ye have all been out in worse.

Again bring good quality jacket especially. Watch out for each other.. “There is no such thing as bad weather....just soft people”. Be prepared. Don’t let it put you off. Be mentally tough and you’ll be grand. !!!! Let’s drive on !!!

See you all bright & early Saturday!

Sli Team
Johnston KirkpatrickFeb 13 2020, 8:23pmHi anyone staying at the valley hotel in Ballyvourney if so could I get a lift to Millstreet on race morning I’m ok for finish ?
Cuan McCarrickFeb 13 2020, 8:46pmHi Robbie, just wondering do I need two separate drop bags or will the same one be moved from gougane to ballyvourney. Thanks.
Robbie WilliamsFeb 13 2020, 9:59pmCuan:

You defo need 2 bags

Johnston, I presume you meant @The Abbey Hotel..?

Im staying there I can bring you over on the morning