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Benefits for Volunteers in Munster

Robbie WilliamsFeb 3 2020, 4:20pmFYI for any upcoming waiting list in Munster...

For any races in Munster that full, if we do have spaces after a while we will release them to
1. Race Directors that have volunteered their services to IMRA races in last 2 years, and ..
2. Volunteers (non running) of races (any IMRA) in past years calendar ( volunteering for a day long race carrying more value than an evening 5km race). It makes sense to volunteer for a race that is local to you.

I believe this to be extremely fair as those who give should be rewarded more than those who have not.

There are plenty of events to help with guys so it always makes sense to give back and help out. Also remember that Race Directors and First Aiders (2 races & training included) also get a nice little end of year gift at the AGM in Muster.

All volunteering is really appreciated by you the runners.

Remember that the “people who organize the races” are the people you are running with. There is no organizing group separate from the runners. You, the runners are also the organizers and volunteers.

Everyone should dig in and give a hand out.
If you are Available for certain races please put yourself on the volunteering list for a certain race.

Any queries, please to Robbie DOT Williams AT

Thanks to all our helpers!!!