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Junior registration

Derek O'BrienJan 28 2020, 2:42pmDo I have to register a junior? If so do I need to do it under a seperate email account? Is it the same cost for a junior race?
Mícheál O'MullainJan 28 2020, 2:52pmHi Derek. My understanding is you do. At least I had to. Separate e-mail account also. Races cost less. See Robbie's post on Currabinny and the Purchase are of the site for that race
Derek O'BrienJan 28 2020, 4:21pmThanks Michael I registered under a different email
Tom HoganJan 29 2020, 12:16pmMaybe this can be looked at in future, had to set up 3 email accounts so I could register the kids, bit of a pain
Pól Ó MurchúJan 29 2020, 2:26pmIf you use Gmail you can add +child name at the end of the mail and it will go to the original email address. (+ being the actual ‘+’ sign) Eg. If your email is you can use to register with IMRA and that will save you having to set up multiple email addresses. As far as I know this also works with other mail providers but not all...