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Winter Knee Pain

Daniel HEANEYJan 22 2020, 5:27pmAround this time last year I noticed my knee was getting quite bad, it was sore and I couldn’t run on it at all. After taking a few months out because of it I returned to running.

Now that January as rolled around again, I’m suffering with knee pain again! I don’t intend on running with it to avoid injury.

Does anyone else suffer from knee pain in the winter?
If so, what’s the best thing I can do to get rid of this?
Richard NunanJan 22 2020, 5:37pmStrongly recommend a visit to Jason Kehoe

Not just a good mountain runner - but very good with mobility pain issues.!

Tim ChapmanJan 22 2020, 5:50pmHey Richard,

I corrected it for you.

Not a good mountain runner - but very good with mobility pain issues.!

Seriously though. I'd give him a second recommend.
Or Karen at
Richard NunanJan 22 2020, 8:12pmTim, not just a good mountain runner but a former Irish Champ. Spoze I better give him some Kudos, ir their will be pain on next visit!!
John MurrayJan 23 2020, 10:20amDaniel, I use to have issues with my knees which became slightly more noticeable during the cold winter months. For me it was an easy fix by simply regular IT Band stretches and improving hip mobility.

Try some simply IT Band stretches a couple of times per week and also some Frog Squats for improving your hip range.

I noticed a big difference straight away.