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Margaret DesmondJan 20 2020, 9:43pmI understand the requirement for the jackets during the run. On a simiar note I do think sometimes... the shorts are a bit short for comfort?! There's nothing worst than seeing some exposed cheeks of a ladies/males arse on a Sunday morning run! Let alone you get a death of a cold. I know some people think I'm only jealous, though I'd like to mine under wraps. Any bit of wind just rises those teeny tiny shorts! Good to keep it in mind...
Gordon PlaceJan 20 2020, 10:08pmThe lady doth protest too much, methinks
Paul KellyJan 20 2020, 10:16pmThis is a bit of running 'S'attire isnt it?? Cos it made me chuckle a little bit
Graham K. BusheJan 20 2020, 10:34pmThere's really only one solution to that.... pass them out. That way you can put it all behind you ;)
Pádraig DoyleJan 20 2020, 11:10pmI have to say, as a mainly Leinster runner, that I agree that sometimes there is too much on show. For me, it's lycra clad buttocks that put me off my rhythm. I thought it was just the Leinster league that was too overtly sexy but it seems Munster is also too sexy. Can this please be discussed at the upcoming committee meeting?
Conor NolanJan 20 2020, 11:20pmThanks Pádraig, now I can't get this out of my head -
Lorcan FarrellJan 20 2020, 11:27pmFeels like I'm wearing nothing at all....nothing at all........nothing at all........Stupid Sexy Páidrig!
Margaret DesmondJan 20 2020, 11:33pmI was only half-joking! I suppose it be different to flat runs where there would be no problem. Just hard to keep the momentum up those hills in these situations! I just need to get faster as someone mentioned earlier haha :)
Stuart ScottJan 21 2020, 12:18amI have it on good authority that in Scotland, when the temperature rises above a formidable 2 degrees Celsius, a policy of "taps aff" is decreed. If there's anything more likely to strike fear and loathing into one's competition I don't know.
Gordon PlaceJan 21 2020, 7:51amPaul Mahon must have spent some time there!
I note the only mandatory rule with regard to attire is that you 'carry a jacket' so count yourselves lucky with the short shorts. Although I don't where else you'd stick your whistle in the odd race it is required
Alan AylingJan 21 2020, 8:28amCouldn't really care less how short or otherwise the shorts are. But it'd be nice if the running attire were left for the running and not worn into the pub after the race.
Alan AylingJan 21 2020, 8:30amAs for "taps aff", where is one dupposed to pin one's race number?
Lorraine BroderickJan 21 2020, 9:09am
Stuart ScottJan 21 2020, 8:14pmPadraig and Lorcan, since your messages I can't get this clip out of my head. I hope you're happy with yourselves!
Peter BellJan 22 2020, 1:43pmFinally someone has brought this up, I completely agree with Margaret on the shorts. It has to stop. I for one have suffered from the sight of family members short shorts. I dont know is it dirty tactics or what. Also its bound to have an effect on the wildlife in the area.
Richard ChurchJan 22 2020, 3:35pmPrescribing the length of shorts for races could be the thin end of a wedge... :-) Its not Wimbledon out there.
Val JonesJan 22 2020, 8:25pmI recommend lululemons