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Running Association

Insurance Question.

Paul O BrienJan 19 2020, 9:23pmHi. Just wondering about insurance regarding IMRA events.
Is the insurance included in the membership or is it by each different
event we enter. Also if a runner gets injured doing an event what is
covered e. g. If helicopter is called out does that runner have to pay
themselves etc.
Also do runners have their own insurance too for mountain/trail running
or does it even exist.
Gareth LittleJan 19 2020, 10:46pmHi Paul, I can’t comment in regards to IMRA’s insurance etc but if you were to be rescued via helicopter in ireland, there is no charge.


Laura FlynnJan 20 2020, 10:17amIMRA currently has a combined liability policy with Allianz Paul which includes public liability cover. As with most, if not all, sports competitors assume a certain level of risk in taking part so there is no cover under the policy for a situation where a member injures themselves where no other party is at fault. If Mountain Rescue are called upon they do not charge as they are volunteer-led and we are extremely lucky to be able to avail of their services. If you or any other members have any further questions please feel free to email me directly on
Gordon PlaceJan 20 2020, 10:36amNothing to do with IMRA, and I've done no research on this other than remembering noticing before on the ITRA site that they seem to offer trail running insurance for €49 for the a year, including training etc. with the 'territory' noted as 'Entire World'.

I know nothing about insurance so don't know if it's any use.
Stuart ScottJan 20 2020, 11:39amHi Paul,

I believe Mountaineering Ireland also offer personal accident insurance. As Laura mentioned, this is a personal choice. The IMRA policy just covers incidents where a runner injures a member of the public and/or damages someone's property. It would not cover incidents where runners injure themselves or other runner.

Mountain rescue is manned purely by volunteers so there is no charge.

Personally, I don't think there is a need to insure myself as I'm happy to accept the risk of injury. Others, especially those who rely on fitness for work etc., may prefer to insure this risk. But as this is a personal choice, this is something you'd need to decide and organise for yourself.