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Patrick KissaneJan 18 2020, 12:37pmHi, I have a voucher I bought last June, I used it once before I injured my knee. Does it expire at end of 2019 or can I use it for Corrin Hill tomorrow?
Lillian DeeganJan 18 2020, 1:00pmHi Patrick, your grand with that voucher card form last year. They have no expiry date. Enjoy Corrin!
David PowerJun 29 2020, 10:29amCan voucher cards be used in this new world? I was going to register for Lug na Coille, but realised I have vouchers to use up. However I'm assuming you need everyone registered online, so do I have to register online and pay the 7 euro? Happy to do so - it would be nice if we could use the voucher card in 2021 as a result.
Gordon PlaceJun 29 2020, 10:46amHi David,

If you look at the Covid forum post, these 3 races are online reg only so numbers can be controlled. I'm sure you'll get to use up your vouchers at future events.
Lillian DeeganJun 29 2020, 10:46amHi David, for the foreseeable, voucher punch cards will not be in use. Our aim is to try and reduce contact between runners and volunteering people in any registration area.

As soon as we can update on a return to usage, we will. As with Richard's msg yesterday - The 3 races being advertised presently are pre-reg / online only.