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Martin BagnallJan 14 2020, 2:38pmI've updated the Google 'IMRA Race Calendar' to include race events for 2020.

Each calendar entry includes:
- Date & race start time
- Distance
- Link to the race page on the IMRA website (for full race info)
- Many include location for race registration (mainly Leinster races as I'm not familiar with the locations of others) - useful for Google Maps/Satnav

The Calendar ID is:

The Public URL is:

The Public address in ICAL format is:

It's up-to-date as of today but obviously race information may change throughout the year so always consult the IMRA website for official race details.

Finally, I note that Gordon has also set up a calendar. Rather than having multiple calendars, neither of which are 'official', I would suggest that IMRA could take ownership of this and perhaps embed the calendar on a page on the website. This would have the advantage of keeping the information up-to-date and also allow for maintenance to be shared out e.g. Munster League Directors could manage their events, add location details etc..

I'm happy to transfer ownership of this particular calendar and help maintain it if needed.
Gordon PlaceJan 14 2020, 4:35pmI think the only official calendar should remain as the event list on the website, there's a lot to maintain on the site without adding something else, and there is no problem of multiple calendars. Plus, the ical calendars are too easy to mess up, particularly if every director or more has access.

The one last week was just shared seeing as it was done, and as a download only, so if people wanted to import it, they could do so and amend without permissions, blame for errors or increased workload on anyone else.
Kevin O'RiordanJan 14 2020, 4:41pmI'm sure it's possible to program something that auto-generates an iCal format file from information in the IMRA DB. If only we had infinite time to work on these features ;)
Martin BagnallJan 14 2020, 7:43pmJust to clarify, my suggestion was to have this available in addition to the Events page and not as a replacement.

I didn't suggest that every director have access - I specifically indicated League Directors since that is a limited set of people and would reduce the dependency on the webmaster to maintain this and since it's a Google calendar it doesn't require anyone to have access to the actual IMRA website.

I appreciate that there is a lot of work involved in maintaining the site and I've no desire to increase that.

The reason I made the suggestion is that I think it makes sense for IMRA to own it's online presence - so that would include the likes of the Facebook and Instagram pages and any other social media. However, that's obviously my opinion only, it's for the Committee to decide on that sort of thing and that's a whole separate topic!

The links I provided allow people to subscribe to the calendars whether or not they are embedded in the IMRA website or not. It's a one off task for people to do so and negates the need to download fresh copies of files when the data is updated.
Stuart ScottApr 12 2022, 2:32pmHi Martin, Gordon and Conor. Just wondering if one of ye had time on your hands and were willing to work your magic again with an ICAL link this year?! I know you were suggesting that the ICAL be generated automagically from the website but I think the webmasters have enough to be doing for the moment. As you mentioned, the Google calendar would be indicative only and would just serve as a reminder to check the IMRA site. Thanks in advance!
Jeff SwordsApr 12 2022, 2:51pmI had done it once or twice for the Leinster league before Martin took it up for all events, and someone had done it before me.

It doesn't take too long to update it manually, just need someone with the time and inclination.
Martin BagnallApr 13 2022, 10:48amI've updated the calendar (same links as above) to include the 2022 events.
Stuart ScottApr 13 2022, 10:56amAh brilliant, thanks Martin!
Conor NolanApr 13 2022, 11:10amAppreciate that
Gareth LittleApr 13 2022, 12:49pmExcellent. Cheers, Martin!