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Ballyhoura Moonlight Half Results

Robbie WilliamsJan 13 2020, 11:47amHello all runners..
Now that the dust has settled on a hectic weekend, we are trying to finish up all loose ends. I very much hope you enjoyed the event.

As i posted on Saturday, we had a serious technical issue with the results of the half, which I take full responsibility for myself.

The computer we used started an anti virus update at the end of the results taking (it assumes you are not awake at 4am I think), and subsequently the system crashed, twice. I should have had this computer checked and updated but did not do so before event.

We had a computer recovery company look at it but I`m afraid all data has been lost. I truly apologize for any upset this may cause.

However, as this was a challenge event and not a race we will initiate an honesty policy. The number below is set up for all Half Marathon Runners, whether you were a marathon runner that dropped down or a half registered, please regular text only(not watsapp) your:
1) IMRA number and
2) Name
Mobile Number for results: 0872077576

Once we have these organised, we will upload results so everyone has a finishing time. I have made the decision to go to chip timing next year to avoid any further issues like this occurring again.

Again my deepest apologies, if anyone has any issue please email me at robbie.williams@imra. ie

Thank You All

PS: Please pass this message on to anyone who you know that did the event and we will get it sorted asap. Marathon is unaffected as a different laptop was used.
Robbie WilliamsJan 13 2020, 12:00pmSorry Lads..

1. IMRA Number
2. Name
3. Time you did (as close as possible)

Thank You
Noel BarronJan 20 2020, 11:04pmHi Robbie, any idea when the results might be put up?
Robbie WilliamsJan 21 2020, 9:22amAll results are up since last week lads