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Robbie WilliamsJan 12 2020, 9:34amHi all...

Most people here are already runners and have had exposure to trail running to some degree. However, we all have that friend that hasn’t. In some cases we hear the likes of “ ye are all mad, or that “I’d be afraid of running off-road”.

Other reasons are;
1. Wouldn’t know where to go
2. Wouldn’t know what to wear
3. Afraid of going to woods
4. Wouldn’t do a race because I would be last (morto)
5. It’s very dangerous

Reasons to go (as we know);
1. Mental health, being in nature is now proven to destress and has direct linking to reducing blood pressure.
2. If trying to lose weight, much easier to do it somewhere you like running.
4. Health benefits with great oxygenation, running In tree covered environment.
5. Trails can be much more forgiving in joints.
6. It’s just Daycent.

So, the Try A Trail initiative will roll out with 3 races..Currabinny in Cork, Bansha In Tipperary & Mangerton Trail (not up actual mountain) In Kerry.

The objective is to give people exposure to running in the outdoors in a safe environment and show them how nice it is. This will help to alleviate fears attached to trail running.

Potential trailees will turn up at event time, this is usually approx 1 hour before race time. A group of imra runners (identified by hi viz) will run, jog, hike with group through a short 3-5km trail. The distance is whatever they feel comfortable with.

Newbies can then come back and have a cups and a chat (very important), and watch the main race, which they may think of working up to.

Interested trailees must register with imra to be covered by insurance (€10), but the event itself if no charge.

So if you know anyone that could do with help like this, especially if they are feeling low, want to meet new people, want to start losing weight, want to be the next Kilian Jornet, Sarah McCormack or Paul Tierney then send them along.

It will be very friendly and totally relaxed.
Check dates for set events above and follow the Instagram munstermoutainrunning & also on Facebook for updated and photos.

Now, get chatting to others, there are a lot of folk out there that it will change their life’s and at least help them enjoy it more, they just need a taste!!

Thanks for reading.
Michelle McCarthyJan 29 2020, 11:52pmHey, I would love to try this. Where do I sign up?
Kevin HoganJan 30 2020, 10:03amAny in Leinster?
Robbie WilliamsJan 30 2020, 4:47pmIMRA MEMBERSHIP PROCEDURE FOR 2020!

All competitors must be IMRA members. IMRA membership costs €10 for a calendar year. It is unrelated to membership of other athletic clubs. IMRA membership cannot be purchased at the race, you must follow these steps beforehand:

Login to your "myimra" account on If you don't have an account, create one using the REGISTER FOR MYIMRA link, and follow the instructions carefully.
Go to the PURCHASE IMRA PRODUCTS page and purchase 2020 membership using a credit/debit card.
Bring the membership confirmation email containing your race number for the year with you to your first race
Get a bib number at your first race, and hold on to it, as it's valid for the full year.
Note: If you are not a 2020 IMRA member or don't know your race number, it will not be possible to enter the race
Robbie WilliamsJan 30 2020, 4:49pmPlease follow above info for getting the membership

Please note you do not need to “purchase” the race itself for the Try A Trail

You do have to collect your number at the sign in table on the morning and should bring proof (email confirmation) of membership purchase