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Conor BradyJan 10 2020, 10:17pmJunior race - how does registration for juniors work? What are the race entry costs? What age restrictions apply? Young lad wants to enter but this will be my first IMRA event, so I'm not even confident of what I've to do myself.
Niamh KellyJan 10 2020, 11:27pmHi Conor,

you picked a good first race, it's always a fun day out

You sign them up on MyIMRA and then purchase the annual membership online. Registration lasts for a calendar year. There is an annual registration fee (€5 for juniors & OAPs) €10 for Adults.

Race fees are €7 with a reduced entry of €5 for juniors & OAPs.

There are two options for paying for a race. You may pre-enter the race online (to be done before 6pm the day before the race) or you may purchase a booklet of vouchers €50 (at a reduced fee of 5 euro per race) and use this booklet to may for the race on the night

more information can be found here

keep an eye on the event page more information will be posted closer to the event

Ann Marie O'BrienJan 11 2020, 10:39amConor,

Also have a read of forum post "Want to try an IMRA Race in 2020? Here's how". Some useful questions and answers there.
Conor BradyJan 11 2020, 8:14pmThank you both! Looking forward to it.
Edel KehoeJan 13 2020, 11:35amHi,
I have been trying to enter this event but I cannot find a link. Can you please let me know how to enter this race? I have the 2020 membership.
Niamh KellyJan 13 2020, 12:10pmHi Edel,
Online registration will open the week before the race, so if you check back then and you will find it in the online entries or another way you can do it is purchase a race voucher and come along on the day and use it.
Niamh KellyJan 21 2020, 8:33amHello Everyone,

Helpers needed for Castlecomer, please help if you can Priority right now is First-aid and then help for all other areas.
we would like to have all helper roles filled in plenty of time for the race.
It will be a very busy morning with it being the first race in the League so all help will be greatly appreciated.
do your bit and let's make sure it is a great day for all
Daniel QuinnJan 21 2020, 1:28pmHi guys is there age limits for the junior race
John J BarryJan 21 2020, 5:17pmDaniel,

There was a comment on another post from our new Junior Officer Miriam Maher

QUOTE ".... - we're currently working on fine tuning the ages ranges and applicable distances for juniors in the races. Expect to have this information ready to put up by the end of this month. .... "
Miriam MaherJan 21 2020, 5:28pmHi Daniel

Yes, John's right - we're currently clarifying the rules around juniors for the races. I hope to have that information available this week. Can you bear with me for a day or two? Juniors always welcome at the races regardless and Castlecomer will have choices for a few junior age groups.


Cormac MacDonnellJan 26 2020, 6:45pmHi folks , still looking for a first aider and a few more non run helpers for Castlecomer DP race next Sunday ! Cormac
Ben ConroyFeb 1 2020, 12:40pmHi Cormac,
I volunteered as a helper. Am I needed?
Cormac MacDonnellFeb 1 2020, 3:16pmHi Ben - answer is yes , if you can make it ! Cormac RD
Cormac MacDonnellFeb 1 2020, 3:21pmNotice to all Race Helpers for Castlecomer DP race tomorrow - can you be at the Discovery Park Centre for 9.45 for a race briefing.
Also, drop me a message if you are unable to be there.
Thanks Cormac ( RD CDP Race)
Conor BradyFeb 1 2020, 4:50pmHaving difficulty registering on the site for a junior, to do race tomorrow. Waiting for an auth code that's not arriving. Is this just us or is there a known problem?
Jason DowlingFeb 1 2020, 4:59pmHi Conor,

It has come to our attention that indeed some e-mail providers may have IMRA mails blocked or something similar. We've had to deal with a number of instances for the yahoo domain. The solution was to use an e-mail address from the likes of gmail or outlook. This is on our to-do list of items to investigate further.

Hope that helps,
Conor BradyFeb 1 2020, 5:26pmThanks, Jason. Up against time now - hope we make the 6pm or it'll be picture and no sound tomorrow.
Conor BradyFeb 1 2020, 5:32pmSorted
Neil GunningFeb 1 2020, 5:49pmHey Cormac

I put my race number somewhere really safe after Glengarra, so safe I can’t seem to find it anywhere - scouring the house at the moment - if I can’t come across it can I still run tomorrow? Race purchased etc. No.891

Usually well organised for these

Jason DowlingFeb 1 2020, 5:55pmHi Conor,

Great to hear you got sorted and that you'll have picture and sound tomorrow :)

Can you let us know what e-mail domain you originally provided (i.e was it from yahoo, gmail or one of similar providers). The domain is the part of the e-mail address after the @ symbol. I'm not interested in the part before the @ symbol.

It'll help us and possibly others resolve this issue as it has happened a few times previously for others.

Niamh KellyFeb 1 2020, 7:34pmHi Neil,

You can collect a replacement number in the morning its 5 euro for a new one or a punch on the voucher card.

Conor BradyFeb 1 2020, 8:40pmHi Jason,
It was (I think it's a relative of yshoo)
Lisa ShannonFeb 2 2020, 5:23pmReally enjoyed today's run, lovely mucky course! Great volunteers, Thanks to all for organising!
Conor O'FarrellFeb 2 2020, 6:10pmLooks like it was a great event down in Castlecomer Discovery Park today. Well done to the team of volunteers, and congratulations to the winners.

Results are now up, please send any queries to

Neil GunningFeb 2 2020, 6:16pmGreat event today tough little course thanks for such a well organised race and to all the volunteers great atmosphere and support
Niamh KellyFeb 2 2020, 6:43pmWell done to all our runners today and congratulations to the winners
It was a great turn out and great running from all.

Thanks so much to all the volunteers who helped today it goes with out saying but we can't do it with out you all.
Well done to RD Cormac you may keep that one for next year!

A special thanks to Alice and crew for saving me lol

See you all at the next one in Stradbally in two weeks time
Wayne LeeFeb 2 2020, 6:46pm1st trail race today and loved it, well organised and tough lil course loved getting mucky though, thanx to all the volunteers. 1st of many hopefully
Conor BradyFeb 2 2020, 7:31pmMy first IMRA run too. Thanks to all of the volunteers.

Is there something funky going on with the M14 results? Runner on 34 mins in 2nd, runner on 32 mins was 3rd...
Kimberley HallerFeb 2 2020, 7:45pmToday was my first trail race and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Itll be the first of many. I will definitely be investing in a pair of trail runners. I was like bambi on ice for most of it. Thanks so much to the organisers and volunteers. Looking forward to the next race!
Seán BatesFeb 2 2020, 7:46pmHi lads
I finished 52 today and my number is 931
It looks like it was taken down as 431
Would you be able to amend the results please.
Great race by the way. Really enjoyed it
Laura FlynnFeb 2 2020, 7:56pmGreat to see such a good turnout today, especially the juniors. Well done to Cormac and Niamh on the excellent work you’re doing in the South-East.
Niamh KellyFeb 2 2020, 8:07pmHi Sean, I will amed that and send it on, sorry about that
Caoimhin MacMaolainFeb 2 2020, 8:47pmThanks very much Cormac, Niamh and all helpers at Castlecomer today. Brilliantly organised. My three junior runners loved it.
Conor O'FarrellFeb 2 2020, 10:39pmResults should be fixed now. There was an issue with the upload causing that short course anomaly.

Please please please email directly as above for any results fixes in future.