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Glendalough Tucker Trail

Garry CullinanJan 6 2020, 7:29amHey lads, just wondering would anyone have a link to a map I could download or buy for this event. Or even a gpx file. I'm really looking to do it as a stepping stone for the wicklow way race, but I don't know the route at all. Something I could print off and carry with me. Many thanks.
John J BarryJan 6 2020, 11:06amGarry,

Its more or less three out and backs based around Wicklow Way and St Kevin's Way..

The first leg has a spin around "The Spink" (as one does) before the out and back :-)

See here...
Greg ByrneJan 6 2020, 7:14pmHi Garry,

All the details you've requested are available through the Event Details page linked above. The 2019 Race Booklet has some basic maps, recommendations for paper maps and extensive route descriptions. The course will be the same as 2019, unless there is an official diversion in place on the day of the race (i.e. for forestry works).

The GPX of the route can be downloaded via the plotaroute and/or Tracedetrail links on the Events Details page.
Garry CullinanJan 6 2020, 7:51pmAh great lads thanks for the info, I'll take a look at the booklet and get up to the route and recce it a few times.
Greg ByrneFeb 14 2020, 9:49pmFor those interested, we have uploaded to 2020 race information pack. It is now linked via the "organisers instructions" section on the event details page.
christian headleyApr 20 2020, 4:26pmI assume they are holding off on opening entry because of Covid, but does anyone know when we will be able to enter this race? The 'Purchase Event Entry' button on the details page is broken. Don't want to miss out!
Graham K. BusheApr 20 2020, 4:48pmHi Christian, my understanding, (which might be wrong) is that all events up to 30/05/20 have been cancelled. With the exception of the Maurice Mullins races, the Knockmealdown Half and the Wicklow Way Relay. This was posted on the "coronavirus" forum 25/03 at 2:09pm. Graham
Lillian DeeganApr 20 2020, 5:11pmThanks G. You are spot on with that detail. Cheers ;)
christian headleyApr 28 2020, 1:25pmThanks Graham! It has been very clear now haha.