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number for 2020

alan murphyJan 4 2020, 1:36amjust wondering if i will get my number for the year at ballyhoura moonlight marathon or is it posted out cheers
Robbie WilliamsJan 4 2020, 7:12amYou will get it at your first event

So moonlight, if that’s your first one

Caoimhin MacMaolainJan 28 2020, 10:42amIf someone who normally runs in Wicklow/Dublin races signs up to IMRA for 2020 today, can he (3 juniors) collect his number for the year at Castlecomer? I just ask because I have never collected a number for the year at anything other than a race in my locality. Thanks!
Laura FlynnJan 28 2020, 11:13amGood question Caoimhin. The answer is yes, you can collect at Castlecomer.
Stefanie WynneFeb 24 2020, 2:56pmHi, I have to replace my race number. Could anyone advise how? I see there is a cost of €5 but I do not see an option in the shop. Thanks
Lillian DeeganFeb 24 2020, 8:53pmHi Stefanie, I need to get the replacement bib number shop item back in for the year. In the meantime, might I query which race you plan to run? From the database this evening, it seems you have not run any of the new year events - if this is correct, you get a 2020 race No. as part of your annual membership.

Feel free to send an email if you need to double check the above and we'll get you sorted -

Thx Lillian
David PowerJul 15 2020, 9:28pmJust confirming that those of us who purchased 2020 membership earlier in year, but have yet to collect chip and number, can do so this weekend at Lug? Laura mentioned purchasing replacement but assume not required if we have already paid membership. Thanks
Lillian DeeganJul 15 2020, 9:51pmDavid hi,

The short answer - yes, you collect on the day.

The long one made a bit shorter - have you read the Lugnaquilla race page forum. Friday, July 10th answers your query. Query also answered in last Friday's email to runners in for Lug.