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2019 Irish Champs Singlets

Lillian DeeganDec 16 2019, 3:27pmHi all,

On with a msg for members who ran 3 of the 5 IC races in 2019. We have ordered singlets, new design on 2018 - they look really neat. The gear will be at the Rememberance Race for distribution. If you cannot come to the Dec. 27th race, we will have them at events in the new year.

Caroline ReidDec 16 2019, 3:38pmFair play to those who have earned their championship vest tops!

Would IMRA ever consider putting in an order for IMRA vest tops for purchase by members? I bought one about 10 years ago and its ones of my favourites! I always regret not ordering more than one!

All the best
Lillian DeeganDec 18 2019, 12:54pmHi Caroline, I'm sure we can look at options for 2020. Leave it with us and we'll see what can be done.
Lillian DeeganJan 22 2020, 10:19amMorning all,

Following up on Caroline's msg here - We have not had a chance to discuss the idea of ordering bulk IMRA merch. Although, I have a small number of the 2018 IC singlets in stock. Committee have ok'd these to be passed on to anyone looking to buy one. Of the small amt. I have, sizes are mixed and will cost €20 ea. These singlets are green and white with the IMRA wording & logo showing.

For anyone wishing to buy one, might you send an email to with your size and let me know which race you will collect at.

Once this stock is gone, it's gone.

Robert MalseedJan 22 2020, 1:02pmIn relation to the 2019 singlets, I ordered and paid for one but didn't get one, if there is one still spare I would love to grab it. Cheers
Lillian DeeganJan 22 2020, 2:09pmHi Robert, I've a feeling you are referring to the Masters one off tops from late summer last year. I'll make some enquiries and see whas the score and come back to you.

This forum post relates to the Irish Championship race singlets. As far as I can see you have not competed in any of the 2018 or 2019 IC events.
Robert MalseedJan 22 2020, 4:07pmSorry I meant the masters. I have been blighted with injury the past four years so unable to make it to many of the races. But, like the terminator "I'll be back"