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Richard NunanNov 5 2019, 6:59pmThe IMRA AGM will take this year on Saturday November 23rd Powerscourt Arms, Enniskerry. at 2:00pm

Motions, including amendments to the Constitution, must be received by the Secretary at least 14 days before the date of the AGM (23rd November). The names of the proposer and seconder of a motion must be submitted with the motion, and one of these must be present to speak to the motion at the AGM.

Motions may only be proposed and seconded by members who will have full voting rights at the AGM. Amendments to motions can be taken in accordance with the Standing Orders agreed at the AGM. Motions passed at an AGM come into effect at the end of the AGM.

Also, all Committee roles are open for nomination and election at the AGM. If you would like to put yourself forward for election to the Committee and you have any questions, please contact any member of the 2019 Committee.

The process for nomination for a Committee Role and for submitting a motion for the AGM is set out in the Constitution, which is available here:
John MurrayNov 6 2019, 9:33amSo basically you have till this Saturday 9th Nov. to get your Motions together and find a seconder!
Anne-Marie FlahertyNov 6 2019, 9:28pmThe AGM has been in the calendar for months.
If people have motions they wish to propose, the date to submit and get support shouldn’t really come as a surprise.
John MurrayNov 7 2019, 2:21pm---------------------------------------------------------

Annie-Marie the calendar only lists the date and venue of the does not give any other information other than that!

It would be more helpful if what was posted on the 5th Nov. stating deadlines for submissions of motions was included as part of the Event Detail listings thereby giving people ample time and no excuses. I know it's written in the IMRA Constitution...but I'm guessing a large proportion of members new and old have never actually read it! :)

Anne-Marie FlahertyNov 7 2019, 2:44pmIn my experience people who have motions for proposal at committee level, or for constitutional changes in organisations have had these suggestions ready to go along with proposers/seconders, long before an AGM//EGM and have familiarised themselves with constitutional requirements, such as deadlines, well in advance.

As I say, that’s just my experience.
Gordon PlaceNov 7 2019, 4:13pmA mandatory race distance exceeding 100km and the banning of marking is never going to fly anyway John ;)
Richard NunanNov 16 2019, 10:41pmOn behalf of the Committee, please find below a list of the Motions that were received and reviewed by the committee 2 weeks before the AGM and with the names of the proposer and the seconder.

Motion 1. That the early start %winning time be changed from 160% to 180% Proposed and seconded by IMRA Committee

Motions 2: That IMRA would introduce a Junior league inline with the UK FRA, with 3 distances and a league of approx. 9 races. Proposed by Jeff Fitzsimons and seconded by Caoimhin Mac Maolain

Motion 3 : To amend the competition rules to -“The master’s categories begin at the age of 35, you are in the O35 category on the year you reach the age of 35. The classes are as follows: O35, O40, O45, O50, O55, O60, O65, O70, O75 and over.” Proposed by Tom Blackburn and seconded by Trica Blackburn

Motion 4: If a member requests a copy of the agenda or minutes of a Committee or Sub Committee meeting that these are made available, no later than 30 days after the request. Proposed by Rob Costelloe and seconded by Caoimhin Mac Maolain

Motion 5: That the Treasurer makes his/her report and the financials, as well as comparison to budget, for the year available to the membership at least one week prior to the AGM. Proposed by Rob Costelloe and seconded by Caoimhin Mac Maolain

A reminder again that all Committee roles are open for nomination and election at the AGM. If you would like to put yourself forward for election to the Committee plesase attend the AGM or if you have any questions, please contact any member of the 2019 Committee.

See you all next Saturday
Miriam MaherNov 17 2019, 8:39amI will also be seeking nomination for the Juniors Officer position next Saturday:) I’ve been involved a lot in supporting Jeff with the juniors over the past couple of years. I’ve a keen interest in exploring all the options to increase participation of juniors in the IMRA races. While also developing the training focus for the junior squads for the internationals. See you at the AGM!
Peter O'FarrellNov 20 2019, 1:47pmJust on motion 1 there, I am curious as to whether this type of item needs to be discussed at AGM. As in, I am literally curious - apologies for clogging the thread :)

Would this fall under general operational decision making and be something the committee can just decide to do?

On motion 2 : is there any further detail - are nine standalone new races enviaaged? Will the 3 distances and 9 races be part of already existing races? How many extra volunteers are required to man 3 new routes/finishes?

And finally - is there any indication of retiring committee members - ie : which roles definitely need filling?

thanks in advance,
Richard NunanNov 20 2019, 9:16pmHi Peter,

1.) Motion 1: In terms of Transparency, it was felt by the committee that the decision was big enough to warrant an AGM member discussion and vote.

2.) The purpose of the Motion is to gain concensus among members for the incoming committee to look at the Feasibility and operation of defining and operating a junior league as It can have a financial and operational impact, The plan would be for it to run in conjunction with existing senior leagues.

3.) We need to reiterate again in terms of governance that all positions are open. However we do feel in answer to your query that at this time, there may be difficulty in sourcing a Treasurer and a new Honorary Auditor for those roles.
Alan AylingNov 22 2019, 6:21pmRegarding Motion 3, I believe it is problematic. Please refer to my post in the Proposal for AGM thread started by Tom Blackburn.
Laura FlynnNov 24 2019, 11:07amOn behalf other the new and old committees I would like to thank all members who attended yesterday’s AGM and those who sent apologies.

The following are the key points which arose ( please note this is not intended to be a comprehensive record of the meeting which record will be done through the minutes).
- Both the Treasurer’s and Auditor’s report were approved and accepted.

- the Motion proposing a change to the early start requirement from 160% to 180% was discussed and it was agreed and voted on by attendees that the requirement would stay at 160% but anyone taking the early start would be recorded as finishing behind the main field.

- The Motion proposing a Junior League was passed and it was agreed that one or two volunteer roles would be added to facilitate this and specific directions given to Race Directors regarding juniors.

- the Motion proposing additional 5-year masters age groups was passed with committee to work out the website logistics.

- the Motion proposing that minutes would be made available to members on request was rejected.

- the Motion proposing the earlier availability of the Treasurer’s report was rejected.

- Tanya Sheridan as outgoing President gave a very full report on the achievements of the committee and the organization in general during the year. While acknowledging that not all the goals set our at the beginning of the year had been reached, she highlighted the progress on the chip-timing system as a key achievement and gave particular recognition to Jason Dowling for his commitment to the project.
She also referenced the decision by the committees to expand race director prizes to include core volunteers, as a fair and equitable use of the organizations funds.
She highlighted the continued development of the South-East League and commence the work done by Cormac, Niamh and Paul.

- Richards Nunan reported on the high performance achievements during the year and the various international events in which Irish teams were entered culminating in the Worlds in Argentina the previous week. He highlighted the achievements of Sarah Mc Cormack, Paul Tierney, Eoin Keith, Zac Hanna and Paddy O’ Leary.

- Robbie Williams gave a report on Munster with details of a number of new races added last year and being added to next year’s calendar. He outlined the steps they are taking to reduce the organization’s carbon footprint including bio-degradable race markings and keep-cups. He outlined plans to separate the Munster Championships from the Irish Championships in order to increase participation.

- Patricia Blackburn gave an update on the World Masters’ bid which has been accepted and they are now preparing for the event to take place in Tipperary in 2021 with the town of Cahir to be the event hub. A technical representative from the world organization is to visit in the Spring of 2020 in order to check the course and logistics. A new limited by guarantee company has been set up specifically for the event.
They plan do do a trial run event on the course during the coming year to test the course and logistics.

- the following committee was elected for 2020:

President: Laura Flynn
Secretary: Richard Nunan
Treasurer: Pól Ó Murchú
Junior Affairs Officer: Miriam Maher
Equipment Officer: Angela Flynn
Results and Records Secretary: Conor O’ Farrell
Ordinary Member : John Murray
Races Co-ordinator: Lillian Deegan
Regional Representative: Brian Flannelly
High Performance: Leo Mahon
WMRA representative: Robbie Williams
Safety Officer: Alan Ayling
Webmaster: Jason Dowling
Honorary Auditor: Maike Juergens

On behalf of all the members I’d like to express my huge thanks to the members of last year’s committee who stepped down this year for their invaluable and generous contributions throughout the year - Kevin O’Riordan, Jeff Fitzsimons, David Rouse, Jim Fitzharris, Torben Dahl, John Condon and , last but certainly not least, Tanya Sheridan.
Phil behanDec 31 2019, 11:49pmHi guys, can I make a suggestion perhaps it’s for 2021. I run regularly in Wicklow and I also run and environmental group in Dublin. Anyway, illegal dumping has gotten very bad in certain parts of Wicklow. Could I suggest we have an Environmental Officer ? Someone who looks at lessening our impact and perhaps arranges some events where we can do a small clean up beforehand or after races etc ? I’d be glad to take on the role if it sounds like a good idea ? Wouldn’t be too much and I’m fairly well connected to groups in Wicklow who we could partner with now and again. Some of the large cycling groups who cycle in Wicklow have started participating in cleans ups with local groups. It’s a nice way to give back and it’s not a major commitment. Let me know what you think ? Thanks. P
Laura FlynnJan 1 2020, 5:07pmPersonally I think it’s a good idea Phil and will bring it up at our next meeting. I’m a fan of the plogging movement and try and pick up bits of litter on runs myself in my local park as unfortunately I’m usually running slowly enough to allow this.
I’m not sure if we need a formal structure for this within Imra. Perhaps a forum post a few days in advance would be the way to get a group together to target an area you think would benefit.
As I said, we’ll put on agenda for next meeting though and come back to you.
Stuart ScottJan 2 2020, 4:41pmI also think that's a very good suggestion but I don't feel it warrants a formal committee position. The committee is already bloated enough as it is. Could 'Environmental Officer' be a non-executive role, similar to 'Data Protection Officer' etc.? The officer would have an official email address but not a seat on the committee. There is a similar structure within orienteering which works very well.
Gordon PlaceJan 2 2020, 8:31pmI agree with Stuart, great idea but should be kept informal and stick a post up here and/or Facebook when organising something around a race or otherwise. I think keeping our own footprint low is a given, without creation of another role, and any suggestions can be made here for consideration by the committee?
Phil behanJan 2 2020, 9:15pmThanks guy, sure it could totally be an informal position. If no one else is up for it I’d be glad to take it on. Our impact is rather low already and there are some really excellent policies in place such as leave no trace and carpooling etc. As Gordon pointed out this could be the odd Facebook post about joining potential clean ups or small initiatives etc before races etc. Nothing major. Thanks again all. P